The Broncos Get Their Man

New Denver Broncos tackle Garett Bolles with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after the Broncos made Bolles the 20th overall pick in the NFL draft - Photo: Elsa/Getty Images



by Brandon Krisztal

KOA NewsRadio/Denver Sports 760 Broncos Insider

The Denver Broncos needed an left tackle more than any position in the draft, and they got themselves a left tackle. By most estimates, they got the best left tackle in this year's draft class when they selected Garett Bolles with the 20th pick in Thursday night's first round.

Bolles, a soon to be 25-year old married father, has a fascinating story filled with drug use and jail time, and being kicked out of his house as an 18-year old. And, he also a story filled with redemption.

Bolles has a mean streak in him, and a lot of athleticism, but there are some question marks because he was one of the most penalized players in college football, and he needs to get stronger.

He went on a Mormon mission to Colorado and loves the Centennial State. He said as much in his conference call following the first round of the draft.

“My heart is in Colorado,” Bolles exclaimed. “I love the people there, I know they have passionate fans…Mr. Elway told me last week when I was there, ‘I’ll see you next Thursday,’ and he was a man of his word.”

John Elway and Vance Joseph held a press conference following the conclusion of Day One and both seemed satisfied with the Bolles pick.

“There were a lot of good players that got pushed down ... but we still felt Garett was going to be that guy,” Elway said.

The holding penalties at Utah are not something that went unnoticed, and were addressed by the Broncos when he was in town.

"We already had that talk," Elway said, and Joseph echoed those sentiments, “John said it; he’s a smart guy. He understands that. Most of the penalties were him playing just hard football. I can live with some of that stuff. He’s got good support now.”

Broncos fans will continue to get to know Bolles(his introductory press conference is at 3:00PM Friday), but his enthusiasm and passion are apparent, and it was obvious, listening to Elway talk about him, they really liked him. In fact, in video posted on the team’s website as the team informed him he'd be their pick, Bolles said to Elway, “I love you,” and Elway said the same thing back. Clearly, there was a connection last week when Bolles visited the UCHealth Broncos Training Center.

“We found out that he has a great sense of humor,” Elway said. “I think that that’s one thing that we did find out is his great sense of humor. We also found out how bad he wants to be good. Obviously with his background, with maturity, and with him having been to Colorado on his mission, with him being married and having a child now, that was awesome to see him bring his child down there tonight. I think that shows you a little bit about what he’s about. He brings enthusiasm. That’s what he was. He was enthusiastic and high energy. It was not only his athletic ability, but it was also what he brings when he walks in the door in the morning. You see how good he wants to be and how much of a competitor he is. I think it will make that whole offensive line much better.”

Hearing that Bolles wants to compete has to be music to the Broncos fans ears. In fact, he was adamant, he doesn’t want any handouts.

“I want to earn that spot, I don’t want it given to me,” Bolles said, “ the season, I’m gonna earn my spot!”

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