Extreme Sports: Beyond Human Limits

Do you really know what it takes? Go inside the minds and bodies of extreme athletes to explore the psychology of their motivations and learn about the science behind some of the riskier sports, such as wingsuit flying, ice and rock climbing, parkour, free diving, and much more. 

The exhibition focuses on the environments in which extreme athletes perform: in the air, on snow and ice, in the water, on the rocks, and on the ground. You will experience these sports through profiles of international athletes illustrating amazing commitment and perseverance. Immersive exhibits and hands-on activities showcase the science, creativity, and innovation in extreme sports and inspire you to learn more about your own personal limits.

These are some of the activities that will be fun for families and friends because of the range of challenges:

  • Try out a course developed by actual American Ninja Warriors at Ninja Nation™. (Plan to wear sturdy shoes! No flip-flops, heels, or bare feet allowed.)
  • Virtually race the backcountry slopes.
  • Get a sense of balancing along a high-line.
  • Discover what it’s like to pilot a wingsuit.
  • Take a virtual leap off of a cliff.
  • Traverse kid-sized climbing walls for everyone that test grip and flexibility.
  • Snuggle into a portaledge hanging tent and imagine dozing off on a rock ledge.
  • Test your concentration abilities and your inclination to participate in extreme activities.
  • Trace in the footsteps of a parkour athlete and get into an upside-down halfpipe photo op.
  • Step into the Immersion Room and see what it feels like to ride a mountain bike and a whitewater kayak!

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