Winter Drinks Discount Booklet Available Today

Those wanting to spend Colorado’s colder months discovering our state’s craftiest cocktails will be interested in The Passport Program’s latest seasonal drinks-discount booklet.  The Passport program is a seasonal booze-roadmap of sorts, offering two-for-one discounts at some of Colorado’s most celebrated libation locations.

Passport Program Coordinator Amy Osgood says the booklets are designed to spark adventure while supporting local businesses and non-profits.

“Sometimes we just need an extra push to venture out during the cold months,” said Osgood.  “Once somebody has one of these in their possession, they can go to any of the locations in there.  They would buy their first drink, the bartender will stamp their passport and the second one is on the house.”

Photo: Adam Gardner
Photo: Adam Gardner

Winter passports are available for $20 at  People who purchase their Denver, Boulder or Fort Collins passports online before Dec. 1 will receive a free Mountain Passport, featuring establishments in towns like Vail, Breckenridge and Winter Park, among others.

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