Anomaly Hunter Spots Craft Flying over Antarctica on Google Earth?

An anomaly hunter examining Google Earth images of Antarctica believes that he may have stumbled upon a photo of a mysterious craft seemingly flying through the air. The strange discovery was reportedly made by YouTube user 'MrMBB333,' who uploaded a video detailing his find earlier this week. The oddity in question sits in the shadow of a massive ice shelf and appears to be almost triangular in shape. Based on the way in which the object appears to be reflecting light, he argues that it is airborne and speculated that the anomaly measures a whopping 300 feet wide.

As is often the case, observers online have offered a number of theories for the source of the puzzling shape. More imaginative viewers theorize that the object is some kind of craft either of the alien variety or perhaps a clandestine vehicle being used by the 'powers that be' to explore Antarctica. On the skeptical end of the spectrum, others have theorized that the 'UFO' could simply be a pile of snow or a photographic glitch from the Google Earth software.

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