Video: 'Lost' Mouse-Deer Species Rediscovered After Nearly 30 Years

A curious creature that many wildlife conservationists feared had gone extinct has reportedly been rediscovered in Vietnam. Known colloquially as the Vietnamese fanged mouse-deer, the silver-backed chevrotain is a diminutive animal about the size of a rabbit that had last been seen in the country back in 1990. In the ensuing years, the dearth of documented sightings led experts to fear that the animal could have gone extinct as its habitat is a popular haunt for poachers.

However, when the group Global Wildlife Conservation began to hear rumors that the creature had recently been spotted by local villagers and forestry officials, they set out to see if they could find it. Using three camera traps placed in the area for five months, they managed to capture 275 photos of the silver-backed chevrotain, confirming that it does still exist. A subsequent five-month-long project using a staggering 29 camera traps yielded a whopping 1,881 images of the animal.

More on this story, including video of the creature, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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