Mandy's Mon Blog: Don't Freak Out About the Governor's Scary Models

THE STEAMBOAT INSTITUTE IS HAVING A DEBATE ABOUT THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE And I've got Jennifer Schubert-Akin from Steamboat on today to talk about it. This is SUPER IMPORTANT. Why? Because the recent polling data says it's going to win, and this is not good. Space is EXTREMELY limited at the event itself, but you can live stream it by clicking here. IF you want to try and get one of the very few tickets to attend, click here, but please don't reserve a ticket if you can't FOR sure make it.

PLEASE DON'T FREAK OUT ABOUT THE GOVERNOR'S NEW COVID MODELS THAT SAY WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) put out their latest modeling which of course shows WE ONLY HAVE WEEKS TO CONTROL THE VIRUS OR ELSE. They say our ICU will be overwhelmed by December, or January or whatever if we don't all stay home and keep all of our germs to ourselves. People are freaking out. Please don't. The modeling our Governor has been relying on all year has been SPECTACULARLY wrong. Just go back and check on May's modeling. It said that if we wore masks and social distanced and stayed away from other people at a relatively high rate, we'd have roughly 3,000 hospitalizations right now. We have 515 confirmed cases as of today in the hospital. In July's modeling, they told us if we kept doing everything we were doing, which included shutdowns of all sorts of stuff, we'd hit our ICU peak by October 12th. October 12th we had only 35% of our Adult Ventilators in use in the state. THEY HAVE BEEN WRONG THE ENTIRE TIME. And not just a LITTLE wrong, completely, utterly and hopelessly wrong. Go look for yourself. Find all the old modeling reports here and find the actual data here. I'm not wrong and it will make you feel a whole lot better. But it's not just our Governor, check this out:

We are destroying our economy based on models that are completely wrong. Modeling is only as good as the data you have, and this data has been wrong. Here is a story about the California failed modeling too.

THE BIGGEST SCANDAL OF HUNTER BIDEN'S LAPTOP IS THE MEDIA'S CONCERTED EFFORT TO STIFLE IT And journalist Matt Taibbi has written beautifully about it here. It's worth your time and we shall discuss.

THE SCIENCE SUPPORTS GETTING KIDS BACK IN SCHOOL, SO WHY ARE POLITICIANS AND TEACHER'S UNIONS IGNORING IT? This is a great column that specifically addresses schools in New York and Andrew Cuomo's reluctance to get kids back in the classroom, but we have plenty of adults here who are flat earthers on this issue. According the Denver teacher's union, a majority of their teachers believe that going back to the classroom is "unsafe" even though we have PLENTY of real world examples now that prove them wrong. And they aren't all in New York. We know FOR SURE that kids are NOT learning as well remotely, some simply aren't participating AT ALL and the union is going to use fear and nonsense to prevent their teachers from being required to go back and teach. Even as there have been ZERO cases that I am aware of of child to teacher transmission.

INCLUSIVE TALENT AGENCY NOT INCLUSIVE OF TRUMP FANS And this is one of those stories where I'm sure the talent agency is playing to it's crowd of overwhelmingly liberal artists and the PR Person will win kudos and support from Trump supporters. A woman who works PR for artists teamed up with an agency to get connected with artists she could help. Then she went to a Trump rally and posted it on Instagram. Things went south from there.

WHAT'S THE SCARIEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME? Not that I care because I'm not watching any of them, but if you're interested in what makes your heart race the most, read about it here.

BIDEN MISSPOKE...AGAIN... This time about free college and how much it would cost. But this is just a long line of Biden's staff having to "clarify" his comments after getting something completely wrong. They also had to "clarify" comments on African-Americans all thinking alike, ending fossil fuels, his remarks on impeachment, defunding police, etc, etc, etc. This guy doesn't know where he is, let alone what his policy positions are. If the media were actually doing it's job they'd be having a field day with this candidate. But alas, they are not.

A YOUNG WOMAN CLIMBS 14ERS IN HEELS AND I'M ALL LIKE YOU GO GIRL Because I'm not doing it. Why is she climbing mountains in heels? She says it represents her evolution in life or something. Good for her.




YES, IT'S POSSIBLE FOR 485 PARENTS TO NOT WANT THEIR CHILDREN BACK And this became a bone of contention at the debate, but it's entirely plausible. The parents may not want their children to come back to a really, really bad situation. They also may be holding out hope that they can JOIN their children in the US. This column in National Review lays it out.

THE STUPID TIME CHANGE IS HERE AND IT'S GONNA BE WORSE THAN OTHER YEARS OF COURSE At least according to this story about how working from home is going to make Falling Back harder. Can we just agree it's time to stay on Daylight Saving time? Can we just stop this madness?

THE HERD IMMUNITY TWINS ARE BUCKING THE TRENDS The two scientists who helped create the Great Barrington Declaration which demands a radical new approach to pandemic management that includes herd immunity are featured in this interview. Read it and judge for yourself if they are crazy. I say no.