Mandy's Fri Blog: Where Was THAT Trump in the First Debate?

DID YOU WATCH THE DEBATE LAST NIGHT? I actually enjoyed it a great deal. I think Trump did a really, really good job defending his record and his attacks on Joe were strong but not angry. I even thought the debate moderator did a decent job. Is it enough to help Trump come back from his first debate disaster? I'm not sure because Joe did a decent job last night until Trump got him to admit he's going to destroy the oil and gas industry. That was pretty dang good.

I'VE GOT CORY GARDNER TODAY AT 12:35 And if you think this guy doesn't deserve to be re elected you REALLY need to listen to this interview.

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY And we're talking about The Trial of the Chicago 7, the new Aaron Sorkin movie about that trial after the 1968 Democratic Convention. We're also talking about Trump Card the new documentary by Dinesh D'Souza. I didn't care for either of them much. Mike's on at 2.

YES, KIDS SHOULD BE BACK IN SCHOOL And a group of charter schools has been in school since Mid-August full time with great success. I've got the director of American Academy Erin Kane on today to talk about how the schools are making this covid year work in person. She's on at 2.

HERE IS MY BALLOT INITIATIVE GUIDE If you or anyone else you know needs help, click here.

THESE FIRES, Y'ALL All I'm going to say is if you live anywhere with a lot of trees in Colorado you should have videotaped everything in your house already and uploaded that to the Cloud, you should have a go bag ready and a list of things you can quickly gather if you are told to leave. And if told to evacuate, please GO. Your house is just a thing that can be replaced. Your life can't. We may have one of the biggest forest fires in history if these two monster fires join up.

THREE MEDICAL JOURNALS HAVE REFUSED TO PUBLISH THE DANISH MASK STUDY AND WON'T SAY WHY A huge study of 6,000 people in Denmark where 3,000 of the were told NOT to wear masks and 3,000 were told to wear them EVERYWHERE to test their efficacy in stopping the spread of covid has hit a wall. They have submitted it to three medical journals who have all refused to publish the study. Why? I'm guessing because they show masks are NOT that effective overall. This is huge because they used a LOT of grocery store workers for this study, so those folks see and interact with LOTS of people every day. Read this and understand why I am so aggravated about this.

CORONAVIRUS HAS KILLED SANTA CLAUS At least at Macy's flagship store in NYC. For the first time in a kajillion years there won't be the elaborate set up for Santa to come and let kids tell him their Christmas wishes. I'm guessing virtual Santa will be a thing this year.

HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD NEWS FOR THE DAY? Gene therapy for a form of blindness is the topic in this story.

it's also an interesting story on Canadian healthcare and the fact that provinces will have to decide whether or not to cover a drug that could cost a million dollars per patient but could also restore their vision. That's what government healthcare looks like.

ABOUT THOSE CHILDREN WHOSE PARENTS CAN'T BE FOUND Last night Biden hammered Trump on children whose parents brought them to the US illegally and now can't be found for re unification. The problem isn't that the parents CAN'T be found, it's that they don't WANT their children back, they want them HERE in the US. I get it, this is a strategy that would seem to give these kids the best chance at a decent life while also laying the ground work for the parents to be brought back over here. But it's not what it seems. And let's face it, Who Built the Cages, Joe was a big hit last night.

JOE BIDEN FORGETS THAT THE INTERNET IS FOREVER WHEN HE LIES ABOUT FRACKING And the internet responded with things like this to remind him.

THIS IS ONE LUCKY PUPPY Well maybe not but a farmer in the Italian region of Sardinia says the puppy born with green fur is a sign of good luck and boy I want to believe him. It's not unprecedented but it is unusual for a dog to be born green, but it doesn't last. His name is Pistachio, by the way.

IF A BAGEL ISN'T ENOUGH FUN FOR YOU, EINSTEIN BAGELS HAS YOU COVERED As they are preparing to launch "Party Bagels" which are donuts. They are donuts sliced in half and one of them is birthday cake flavor and the other one is churro flavored and I'm out on this one.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SAYS TRUMP WON THE FIRST DEBATE And not that this matters a bit on election day, it does confirm that he had a much better performance than the first train wreck because he was calm and confident about the points he made. The AI only judged based on delivery, not on content.



HOW TO NOT COVER A DEMOCRATIC SCANDAL This column is so perfect and I enjoyed it thoroughly until I realized our media is hopelessly biased and we are doomed.


PEACEFUL PROTESTERS DID MORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS IN DAMAGE TO DOWNTOWN DENVER And this is yet another reason that I don't want to hear word ONE about budget shortfalls from the Legislature. They did NOTHING to stop this, and they better not try to poor mouth about money when they let people wreak havoc on our capitol.

I MAY NEVER GO TO DIA AGAIN Because Southwest is coming to the Springs! I've never flown in our out of the Springs, but I've heard WONDERFUL things about it, from ease of use to reasonably priced parking. I'll let you know because Southwest is beginning service in the Springs next year and I can't wait!

IF YOU'RE READY TO GET THROUGH 2020 NOW, HOW ABOUT SOME CHRISTMAS MOVIES? Here is a comprehensive list of Christmas movies coming to tv and where you can find them.

THIS WOMAN WORKS HER TAIL OFF DELIVERING FOR WALMART AND LOVES IT And it's nice to see someone taking advantage of a system that rewards hard work. Read this for more.