We're Talking Oil and Gas Economic Impacts on a Monday

WE ALL KNOW WHAT THE LEGISLATURE DID TO OIL AND GAS But I hadn't seen any in depth analysis of the economic impact of oil and gas until pretty much now. Simon Lomax and Chris Brown wrote a pretty compelling paper on what oil and gas mean to a community well beyond jobs. The report is all here and Simon is on at 1p to discuss.

THIS IS TWO TIMES IN RECENT MEMORY THAT I AGREE WITH BILL MAHER And though he can't say something this profound without cursing, the message is spot on.


THIS IMPEACHMENT IS NOT GOING THE WAY I'M SURE DEMOCRATS PLANNED and yes, there have been witnesses who have said really mean things about the Trump administration but nothing that is going to move the needle either way when it comes to public opinion. The most interesting story about public opinion came out last week when we learned that the Democrats had convened a focus group to decide to switch from using "quid pro quo" to "bribery" and "extortion" instead because they tested better with voters. Did you get that? The most serious situation an American President can face is being run by people who do focus groups to figure out which words will score them the most political points. Read these two paragraphs to get the gist:

This brings us back to the series of Democratic conspiracy theories that have been deployed by the Democrats against President Trump. Before the Ukraine “scandal,” they accused him of colluding with the Russians, defying the Emoluments Clause, violating the separation of powers doctrine, obstructing justice, ignoring security clearances, tax evasion, and exhibiting such erratic behavior that only the 25th Amendment could save the nation. They assured us that the Mueller investigation would uncover skulduggery that would make the preceding pale by comparison. When that 22-month snipe hunt finally ended with Robert Mueller’s maundering testimony, they needed a new scandal.
Miraculously, an anonymous “whistleblower” filed a complaint about a “disturbing” phone call in which the President had committed yet another evidence-free offense. Trump had, we were told, attempted to arrange a quid pro quo deal whereby he would receive dirt on a potential 2020 opponent in exchange for security aid for Ukraine. But the storied stupidity of the American voter prevented “quid pro quo” from going viral and the Democrats turned to their ever-present consultants. They conducted the inevitable focus groups and produced a new crop of calumny that included such buzzwords as “extortion,” “bribery,” “abuse of power,” and “corruption.” The voters just yawned.

Are we yawning? I have to tell you, I am. I am so bored with what should be a monumental event that my grandchildren should ask me about. The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves on this one.

NO, TRUMP DIDN'T "TRASH" THE UKRAINE AMBASSADOR IN ANOTHER CALL And the White House released the transcript of that call to undermine the testimony of the fired Ukraine Ambassador who testified Friday that the President undermined her and trashed her reputation. Sorry, dear.

ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL BARR GIVES AN AMAZING HISTORY LESSON And does so in spectacular fashion during a speech to the Federalist Society's 2019 National Lawyers Convention. Read the speech here, or watch it below, but he brought the wood when it came to the relentless attacks on President Trump since before he even inaugurated. He does the most beautiful job clearly outlining the separation of powers and the history of it, I hope all of you read it or watch it.

AND THAT'S ALL I'M WRITING ABOUT THE IMPEACHMENT TODAY Because I'm that bored about it. And there is so much other stuff.

COLIN KAEPERNICK DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY and if you were following the drama circus around Colin Kaepernick getting a workout hosted by the Atlanta Falcons facility last weekend it couldn't have been surprising when he upended the entire thing by moving the venue at the last minute. Oddly Stephen A. Smith is the one who says it best about what Kaepernick's motives really are.

THESE EPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF MEMES ARE KILLING ME And I hope they never stop. I got this one today:

I can't stop laughing at these and I love that pop culture is keeping them alive when so many in the media are willing to just move on.

PLEASE STOP SENDING ME EMAILS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AT A DIFFERENT TALK STATION IN TOWN I was not there, I can't know for sure by my gut reaction is the host who got fired used the situation for considerable personal gain and I happen to believe the radio station when they say he was fired for going on other stations. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

THE NEW YORK TIMES WENT AFTER FED EX AND FED EX ISN'T HAVING ANY OF IT And in what quickly became an internet slap back, Fed Ex accused the New York Times of lying and challenged them to a duel debate on taxes because the New York Times didn't pay any either. Heh. I love it when major organizations fight on the internet.

COLLEGE STUDENTS DITCH THEIR SMARTPHONES FOR A WEEK AND NO ONE DIES And I thought, what a great idea and then came up with a 1,000 reasons I could not do the same. But check out some of the results from the students and consider doing the same. I just have to figure out the logistics of living life like we did WAY back in 2005 again. Has anyone seen my Dayplanner?

DID YOU SEE LAST NIGHT'S 60 MINUTES? They interviewed DougCo Sheriff Tony Spurlock and El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder. My emailer Joe was not having any of what was being said and sent this. And Joe's info is spot on, in case you were wondering:

Last night, the TV show 60 minutes opened the show with a piece about Red Flag laws and featured interviews with Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock and El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder. The segment opened with huge lie in the very first sentence spoken by narrator Scott Pelley.
That lie was "There have been 366 mass shooting in his country so far this year" and that lie is repeated in the very first sentence of the print version of the story as well.
That lie comes from a press release put out by the anti-gun group Gun Violence Archive and Mr. Pelley was either too lazy to verify the claim made in the press release or he knew it was a lie but decided to repeat it anyway.
List of alleged incidents:
Now the US Government (Congressional Research Service) defines a mass shooting as an incident in which 4 or more people (excluding the shooter) are killed AT RANDOM by a SINGLE SHOOTER in a PUBLIC PLACE. That definition is probability pretty close to what most Americans would think of (and fear) when they hear the phrase "Mass shooting".
Hearing about 4 people killed in a drug house or a husband killing 4 family members at two different locations is sad but typically doesn't cause people to become fearful of their own safety.
So when we look at the alleged listed of "366 Mass shootings" claimed by the Gun Violence Archive and sort it by the number of fatalities (see attached list) what do we find?
In 277 of the claimed 366 incidents, the number of fatalities = ZERO
In another 104 of the claimed 366, the number of fatalities = ONE
And in how many of the claimed 366 incidents were there actually 4 of more fatalities?
Try just 32.
And of those 32, how many took place in a single public setting by a single shooter?
Try a maximum of 8.
They are:
El Paso Walmart shooting
Dayton Ohio shooting August 4th
Gilroy garlic Festival
Odessa Texas - August 31 
Aurora Illinois employee shoots co-workers (Victims known to shooter) 
Virginia Beach Municipal building
Sebring Florida Bank Shooting
Chicago man shoots neighbors in 2 different apartments (Victims known to shooter)
The remaining 24 break down as follows:
11 incidents of domestic violence - family members shot inside their homes by relative
5 incidents of victims shot inside their home by unknown shooter- possibly robbery or drug related
3 incidents of gang/drug violence 
3 incidents where shootings took place at multiple locations
1 incident of a bar dispute with multiple shooters
1 Incident of a shooting at illegal gambling parlor - multiple shooters
So have we had "366 Mass shootings" in this country so far this year?  Only if you stretch, twist & distort the definition of a Mass shooting to include incidents that the vast majority of Americans would never think of when they hear that phrase.
To quote Mark Twain (Twice):
"Figures don't lie but liars figure" and
There are lies, damn lies and statistics"

Just thought I'd share.

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG APOLOGIZES FOR CUTTING CRIME IN NEW YORK And he did so using a very controversial Stop and Frisk policy that he's been defending ever since. However, as Democratic primary voters have expressed anger and outrage over Kamala Harris tough on crime stances, he's decided to apologize for keeping New Yorkers safe during his tenure. Mmmkay.


THE GAY MAFIA GOES AFTER SARAH LEE Sarah Lee was the victim of an inappropriate sexually charged skit on SNL and when people started to post sexually charged statements on their Instagram page in response, the gay mafia was there to criticize them for wanting a FAMILY FRIENDLY INSTAGRAM PAGE. I hate this story and it makes me mad.

THE PROTESTS IN HONG KONG HAVE RAMPED UP As students at Polytechnic University have lit fires and have been fighting with police for three days now. This article gives you the details.

A CHILD IS DEAD AFTER AN EXTREME VEGAN DIET And how could you know know that a 17 pound 18 month old child was not healthy? Both parents are facing charges.

THERE ARE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO PREVENT DEMENTIA And it's not drugs, it's living a health life and getting cognitive stimulation. This is paywalled but is worth finding more about if you can. From the Wall Street Journal:

In fact, according to a recent report commissioned by the Lancet, a medical journal, around 35% of dementia cases might be prevented if people do things including exercising and engaging in cognitively stimulating activities. “When people ask me how to prevent dementia, they often want a simple answer, such as vitamins, dietary supplements or the latest hyped idea,” says Eric Larson, a physician at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle and one of a group of scientists who helped prepare the report. “I tell them they can take many common-sense actions that promote health throughout life.”
The Lancet report, distilling the findings of hundreds of studies, identifies several factors that likely contribute to dementia risk, many of which can be within people’s power to control. These include midlife obesity, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, social isolation and low education levels.

Another reason to take care of yourself NOW.

I LONG TO BE THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ALREADY And truth be told, I'm on my way, but I still admire people who are THIS organized!

WANT TO BE BLACK? JUST GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF It was truly inevitable now that we get to choose our gender. It's obvious that we should also get to choose our race, amiright? Now university professors are saying just that.

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