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IT'S TIME FOR PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER! Get your word nerd questions ready, he's on at 3. Find out everything you want to know about words and grammar and Charles at his website by clicking here.

IT'S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Yesterday I got to go to the new Gaylord Rockies Resort to see a sneak preview of their Christmas plans and OMG is it going to be SPECTACULAR! I am so excited! I've got one of the performers and the director on the show today to discuss it and we're going to Facebook Live some of it and you must tune in! Check out everything and buy your tickets now (and yes, seriously you want to go to this) by clicking here.

HOW IS THIS NOT MEDIA MALFEASANCE? There is a full court press to make Donald Trump the BEST FRIEND of Jeffrey Epstein in the wake of Epstein's exposure as a serial sexual predator of teen girls. Now NBC has aired footage from a party in 1992 where Donald and Jeffrey AND A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE attended and we're all supposed to be shocked that a single Donald Trump had a party full of beautiful women. I get that he's the POTUS and all, but there has been MUCH more evidence that a close personal friendship with Bill Clinton occurred AFTER Epstein plead guilty to prostitution and that is NOWHERE. At least when ABC News reports on the Epstein story they give Bill and mention. And I don't say this as some kind of whataboutism, I say it because I'd love to see some reporting on how many times Clinton flew on Epstein's private plane to his island by the mainstream media because any man who went there deserves to be outed and NO ONE IS REPORTING TRUMP EVER DID while published flight logs in 2015 showing our former President to have flown MANY times on trips with a soft core porn star too. How is THAT not the top story for NBC News?

DEMS ARE WORRIED ABOUT SECURITY FOR THEMSELVES As the rhetoric gets ratcheted up House Democrats are calling for heightened security around certain members of their delegation as they say the President's words are putting them in danger. Oddly, no one called for increased security for House members after a crazed progressive shot up the Republican softball practice. But I'm sure this is worse. Oh wait, they did. But they were Republicans who took care of it themselves. For the record, I'm perfectly fine for increased security for Democrats as long as the increased security does NOT carry a firearm because those things could kill someone!

GOT SOME PAIN? DROP AN F-BOMB As a study has shown that using the F word in this situation can reduce pain by up to a third! And here's the kicker, you don't even have to use the REAL f-word. Researchers made a fake f-word and saying that had SOME effect but not as much of an effect as the REAL F-word! Fouch!

THIS KID IS GONNA BE BILLIONAIRE SOMEDAY Cops were called on a young entrepreneurs beverage stand when the boy held up his sign that clearly said ICE COLD BEER. What wasn't as clear was the tiny "Root" written right above the Beer. Cops let him off with a frosty warning and the sign seems to be working as the young man says business has been brisk!

THURSDAYS WITH MILTON As we were off Monday, I thought I'd add this exchange between a nice old lady and Milton Friedman on the Donahue show.


ANOTHER STELLAR COLUMN ON THE POWER GRAB THAT IS THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE And our friend Rob Natelson explains exactly how Democrats are trying to use it to cement power they've already cemented in other states. It's an interesting analogy analysis!

WE WILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO VOTE THE NPV DOWN IN NOVEMBER! Congratulations to the teams of people behind the ballot initiative that would nullify the National Popular Vote bill passed by the Democratic legislature last session and signed into law by Governor Jared Polis for getting more than enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot! I look forward to enthusiastically voting NO on this measure!

THE DENVER POST WILL NOT ALLOW IT'S PHOTOS TO BE USED TO FIGHT CRIME It's really as simple as that. The Aurora PD released a photo they grabbed from the Denver Post to try to get information about a masked man who participated in the vandalism during a protest at an ICE facility last weekend. The Post says they don't want their editorial independence questioned by appearing to work with police on this. Mmmkay. The Post has now sent a cease and desist to the Aurora PD.

CRITICIZING A PERSON OF COLOR ABOUT ANYTHING IS NOW RACIST At least according to some new polling data. A full one-third of Democrats believe that if you EVER criticize a person of color it's racism. We have completely destroyed the meaning of racism at this point. Time to move on.

COSTCO TOILET PAPER IS DESTROYING THE EARTH! I'm not joking, the fluffy Kirkland brand toilet paper is knocking out all sorts of old growth Canadian forests or something. But they aren't the only offenders. Unless you buy the thin as air scratchy environmentally sensitive stuff you're part of the problem. At least my Cottonelle Ultra got a D instead of an F.

DIE MOSQUITO DIE! Good news in the fight against one of God's punishments for man, (why else would he make these??) the mosquito. Not all mosquitoes, just the breeds that are most likely to carry Dengue virus and malaria. GOOD RIDDANCE!

FINALLY GENDERED SEWER LANGUAGE IS FIXED! I just can't sleep at night as a woman knowing that our society is so patriarchal that we have to call those places where MOSTLY MEN go down into the sewer "manholes". Thank GOODNESS the City of Berkeley has stepped up to stop this injustice and rename those offensive things "maintenance holes" instead. I was just about to start marching and shouting "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE" until someone did something.

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