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BRUCE BENSON LEAD CU THROUGH SOME OF IT'S BEST YEARS and now that he's retired we thought we'd get him in to talk about his thoughts on the future of education, what he loved about leading CU and anything else I can think of. He's on at 2pm. The Post did an excellent article on him just in case you can't listen. Read it here.

JUST ANOTHER VIDEO OF THE COAST GUARD BEING BOSSES This time on a drug interdiction mission. Watch this!

I would pay any amount of money to see a hidden camera INSIDE the sub when the Coastie started banging on his hatch. Heh.

THIS COUPLE MADE THEIR WEDDING GREAT AGAIN And I think this is hilarious. The sad part is the groom's dad let his hatred of Trump keep him from the wedding of his son. Sad!

AND NOW, BAD LIP READING GOES TO ASIA WITH TRUMP And it's complete magic as usual.

HACKERS ARE NOW FINDING MISSING PEOPLE AND IT'S REALLY COOL watch this. They made finding missing people A GAME.

ALEX ACOSTA IS OUT AT LABOR Because the stink of the Jeffrey Epstein case was too much for him to weather.

JOE BIDEN IS A DISASTER But don't take my word for it, watch this crap show of a speech.

IS THIS WHAT PASSES FOR REASONABLE BEHAVIOR BY A MEMBER OF THE PRESS? CNN analyst and Playboy reporter and general sob Brian Karem decided to mix it up with some of the attendees of the Social Media Summit at the White House yesterday and former Trump adviser and talk show host Sebastian Gorka got right back in his face and I hope both of them are totally embarrassed today but I doubt it.

TRUMP CAVED ON THE CITIZENSHIP QUESTION AND PEOPLE ARE SUPER MAD And I must apologize for my last statement yesterday where I completely got it wrong as I was talking to someone during part of his speech and thought I heard something I obviously didn't. Trump caved on asking about citizenship on the census. And people are very unhappy.

WANT YOUR KIDS TO BE SUCCESSFUL ADULTS? TEACH THEM TO PAY ATTENTION EARLY This is very interesting but not super surprising. Kids who struggle in kindergarten with things like hyperactivity and personal responsibility are more likely to make less money later on. Check it here.

IT'S THE ONGOING RETAIL APOCALYPSE AND ONE MUST WONDER WHERE IT ENDS I just got a note that Kohl's is now accepting Amazon returns. Good for them for thinking outside the box store to get people INTO their stores. Many retails giants are not so forward thinking and now stores are closing left and right. Here's a depressing list for you. a

A CALIFORNIA PROGRAM IS GIVING PRISONERS ACCESS TO A TICKET TO THE STRAIGHT LIFE And that is education. I love this story because now when these inmates leave prison they have something to offer that can help them lead a good life. THAT is rehabilitation.

WE SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO SCIENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND SCIENCE SAYS IT'S NOT OUR FAULT At least according to a new Finnish study which maintains the following in it's abstract.

Abstract. In this paper we will prove that GCM-models used in IPCC report AR5 fail to calculate the influences of the low cloud cover changes on the global temperature. That is why those models give a very small natural temperature change leaving a very large change for the contribution of the green house gases in the observed temperature. This is the reason why IPCC has to use a very large sensitivity to compensate a too small natural component. Further they have to leave out the strong negative feedback due to the clouds in order to magnify the sensitivity. In addition, this paper proves that the changes in the low cloud cover fraction practically control the global temperature.

What they're saying is the models the so-called consensus on man made global warming are using models that are hot garbage to start with.

AW NUTS. Nothing bad, just a study that says a handful of nuts a day could be the key to staying sharp in old age.

RIP JIM BOUTON The man who peeled back the curtain in his best selling book Ball Four has died. The Yankee was very kind to young David and he's going to tell the story.

RENOWNED PSYCHIATRIST IS FIRED FOR DARING TO CHALLENGE THE CURRENT PC TRANSGENDER DOGMA Even though he did so on his own time at an event way, way off campus. You have to read what happened to a man who is well-respected in the field of teen psychology when he simply expressed his belief that most gender dysphoria does not need a medical intervention.

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