Hello Thursday, Whatcha Got for Us?

SO WHO'S AFRAID OF NATIONALISM? The Foundation for the Defense of Democracy's Cliff May joins me at 2pm to talk nationalism. Nationalism has gotten a bad name, deservedly so, but is there a form of nationalism that is a positive? Cliff makes that argument in this column. We shall discuss.

I'M SO SORRY YOU DIDN'T ALL SEE HUGH JACKMAN Because he is an incredible performer, singer, dancer and storyteller and his show was blissfully free of politics or anything negative and I LOVED IT.

A GUY IN BRITAIN IS BEING JAILED FOR DOING WHAT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE DAY HERE And that is he streamed a video outside of some court proceedings live on social media. They do not enjoy the same free speech protections we do in the UK. Don't forget that.

THAT NEW AND EXCITING DRUG YOUR DOC TOLD YOU ABOUT PROBABLY DOESN'T WORK And this is really disheartening. And I wonder how many doctors know this about new and exciting (and heavily marketed) drugs? The what I'm talking about is a study of the efficacy of drugs that were recently approved. Read this:

Alarmingly, only a quarter of those drugs showed any significant medical added benefit based on the available evidence. What’s more, 16% showed even a minor added benefit, and a whopping 58% of studied drugs did not show any added benefit over standard patient care.
When the drugs were separated by speciality, the results were just as unsettling: just 6% of psychiatric drugs showed added benefit, along with 17% of diabetes drugs..
Even in the investigated drugs that did show significant benefit, most of the research could only apply to sub-groups. “For the overall patient population, the current output of drug development may thus be resulting in even less progress than our assessments suggest,” the study reads.

I can't help but remember when my dad's doctor took him off a diabetes drug that had worked for him for years to switch him to a new "better" med that did nothing but cost about 15 times more. This is shameful.

THIS KID WANTS TO BE ON BROADWAY And I really, really hope he makes it!


STOP GIVING YOUR KIDS...AND YOU...FRUIT JUICE Fruit juice is just a fancy word for sugar water and now doctors are sounding the alarm about fruit juice causing obesity which is a contributing factor for cancer. This is not rocket surgery.

WHY IS BETA O'ROURKE EVEN RUNNING TO LEAD THIS DUMPSTER FIRE COUNTRY? I'm just going to put this right here and let you ask the same question.


AOC MAY WANT TO RETHINK TANGLING WITH NP Because Nancy Pelosi will rip her head off and crap down her throat. Especially when AOC implies she's a racist. Heh.

HEY DAVE, ROBOT UMPIRES ARE HERE! They made their debut last night at an Independent League game in Pennsylvania. And it seems so far, so good.


#METOO'S CHICKEN COME HOME TO ROOST A reporter wanted to embed herself into a male candidate's campaign. He nicely said no. Why? Because he didn't want to risk the insinuations that something untoward may happen between them or risk an accusation of something improper. She's now suing. This is the sad side of #metoo and frankly I don't blame the guy.

NOW THE NANNY STATE HAS RUINED THE RUNNING OF THE BULLS Or at least that's what some participants are saying about the new safety rules that are in effect now. Considering that a bunch of people still had to go the hospital this year I'm not sure HOW effective these changes are, but who am I to tell some idiot they can't kill themselves by getting trampled by a bull?

I LOVE THIS HOCKEY COACH A WHOLE BUNCH RIGHT NOW Assistant Coach John Krapinsky didn't mince words when addressing his team about respecting the National Anthem. Read this:

“We’re not women’s soccer. We’re not the NFL,”John Krupinsky, assistant coach of the Hat Tricks in Danbury, says in the video. “If there’s anybody here that’s going to be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian national anthem, grab your gear and get the f–k out now ‘cause you’ll never see the ice in this arena.”
“We don’t have that problem in hockey,” he continued. “We’re better than that, but there was no sense in wasting anybody’s time if that shit was going to happen. I don’t believe it would happen here. We’re the most patriotic sport that they have out there, so just keep that in mind. Thank you.”

This guy is an American hero.

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