Let's Talk About the Future with Futurist Thomas Frey this Wednesday!

FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS ON TODAY TO TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE! I love the field of futurology where people look at current trends to predict what's going to happen next. I am a huge fan girl of Michio Kaku and was thrilled to find out there is an organization right here in the metro called the Davinci Institute where people are working to predict the future now! One of them is Thomas Frey, and I am extremely excited to chat with him today at 2pm about what he's excited about right now.

YOU CAN CALL WOMEN THE C-WORD WITH IMPUNITY IF YOU'RE A LIBERAL At least you can in Glenwood Springs where a former mayor tweeted that Education Secretary was a "c*nt". After a mailer went out by some group highlighting the tweet, the board he sits on let him apologize before they reaffirmed their support for him. Because as long as you only use that word towards CONSERVATIVE women it's a-okay, amiright? Too bad Betsy DeVos isn't black, then he could have called her the N-word too.

MICHAEL BENNET'S CAMPAIGN HAS MADE THE ONION And that's never good. The story claims (it is a satire site, people) that Bennet got excited when he was polling at "N/A" and wanted to know just HOW good that was. Well done, Onion staffers, well done.

YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS CHIT CHAT SHOW ON FASHION Because it is really funny and you might like it. Find it wherever you listen to podcasts like the Iheartradio app or click here!

AOC IS NOW GOING TO HAVE TO FACE THE SAME FATE AT TRUMP At least when it comes to Twitter. After a court ruled that President Trump may not block anyone on Twitter because it was a defacto government communication or something it created the precedent cited in a new lawsuit against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for blocking someone on Twitter. Heh. We'll see how this one goes. It will either affirm the Trump decision and force politicians to allow the streams of vitriol, nastiness and opposing opinions to continue or Trump will be able to block away.

DON'T BE THESE PEOPLE ON AN AIRPLANE Here are some of the most annoying things passengers do on planes. They missed my most irritating choice, which is take off their shoes and put them on the armrest in front of them STOP IT ALREADY. Or expect the flight attendants to entertain their children. Or allow their kids to make a HUGE mess. Oh, and don't you DARE give a four year old a page of stickers on the airplane. Don't. You. Dare.

ECO FRIENDLY STRAWS ARE DEADLY. JUST NOT TO TURTLES A woman in England tripped and fell and her metal straw went into her eye and her brain and killed her. No, I'm not making this up.

CONGRESS IS NOW GOING TO FORCE SOCCER TO PAY WOMEN MORE THAN MEN you read that right, now Congress thinks they should interfere in the business of soccer because the US Womens team makes less than the US Mens team. Of course Congress doesn't care that mens soccer OVERALL brings in WAY more money than womens soccer. Because Congress sucks at basic economics.

I HAVE A MUSICAL GUILTY PLEASURE I'M SLIGHTLY EMBARRASSED ABOUT I have a ten year old who LOVES pop music. And right now we are fully in a Meghan Trainor phase and I have to tell you, her bubble gum pop music is damn infectious and now I listen to it when The Q is not in the car. There, I said it.

I MENTIONED THIS VIDEO THE OTHER DAY And it's really interesting and you should watch it. It explains why some countries are poor and others are rich. Note how we seem to be sliding into some of the factors that make poor countries poor.

IS THIS THE LAND THAT FORGOT TIME? A town near the Arctic Circle is trying to be the first time-free zone. Why? The sun never sets there in summer, so why bother with time zones?

OH DEER, SOME PEOPLE CAN'T SEE IT And I'm talking about a deer hiding in plain sight. And the internet is aflame from it now.

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