The PERA Hole Is Only Getting Bigger and It's Tuesday!

ANTIFA IS OFFICIALLY DANGEROUS AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED And I've got Hans Von Spakovsky on at 2 to talk about his latest column where he makes the case for the Feds to step in and do something NOW before this thing gets further out of control.

THE PERA HOLE IS GETTING DEEPER AND NO ONE SEEMS SERIOUS ABOUT ACTUALLY FIXING IT And "fixing it" is not an easy solution. PERA participants should be the ones the most worried about this recent report about PERA's bad year. It's rather depressing and sure to become a full blown crisis in short order. This is not a no-big-deal thing and every resident should be concerned because they are going to come pick our pockets to make up the difference when the full bill comes due.

THE RECALL POLIS MOVEMENT HAS IT'S FIRST PETITION CIRCULATING And I'm genuinely confused as to who, exactly, is circulating this petition as there are about ninety different recall movements right now. Because of that and some other stuff I hereby predict in writing that this will all be an epic failure.

THE COLORADO GREEN DEAL IS GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE And this column demonstrates once again that the government is about to create a whole bunch of new problems that they will tell us later only THEY can fix with new problems. We really need to stop these people.

RIP ROSS PEROT He died and I can't help but wonder if GHWBush will meet him at the Pearly Gates to punch him in the nose. Here's his obit stuff.

JUST HOW MANY JOBS WOULD A NATIONAL $15 AN HOUR MINIMUM WAGE KILL? The numbers according to the Congressional Budget Office are pretty staggering, between 1.3 to 3.7 MILLION jobs. Holy smokes, that's a lot. And these would be the type of entry level jobs that young people use to get experience to move onto other jobs. Democrats don't care about lost job though, they are still proposing it.

THE SPACE PROGRAM HAS GIVEN US SOME REALLY COOL STUFF So here's a list of a few of them we still use today.

AND NOW, AND ELEPHANT SLAPS A TEENAGER No word on what she did to deserve it, but it's rather shocking. Apparently the elephant wasn't in a mood to take pictures.


TOM STEYER HAS ENTERED THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY And we can now hear about global warming endlessly. Unfortunately he has enough money to stick around for a while. Yay.

THE LAST VW BEETLE IS ROLLING OFF THE LINE SOON And I have a feeling most of us will simple say "meh" and move on, but a bunch of old hippies will be sad for a day or so.


NO JESUS WASN'T A SOCIALIST And this Prager U video explains why not.

HOLOCAUST DENIAL IS NOW A REASONABLE POSITION FOR THIS HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL I get that there are some questions about history based on the fact that history is written by the winners. However, the notion that somehow the Holocaust DIDN'T happen when there are photographs and movie film SHOWING the horrible after effects of this massive genocide is preposterous. I even give those people who doubt the moon landing some leeway, but not idiots (who are likely anti-Semites) who say Auschwitz wasn't a thing. Now a high school principal has been removed from his post because he couldn't bring himself to assert the Holocaust WAS a thing.

YOU'VE BEEN DIAGNOSED AS MENTALLY ILL? THAT REALLY MEANS NOTHING. So says this article about how different every person is and therefore how different our mental health struggles might be. All those categories psych pros use to put us in boxes? Just a suggestion really.

YES, MEGAN RAPINOE DOES SUCK And if I were an elegant writer I would have written this yesterday.

INSTAGRAM IS TRYING TO PROTECT YOUR FEELINGS NOW By adding in a couple of features designed to make the platform not-so-nasty. They have a new feature which will urge you to reconsider your nasty comment before you post it. They are also adding a "restrict" feature which will allow people to mute certain people's comments but not let them know they've been muted. And I'm sure both of these well-intentioned moves will do nothing to stop the angry, bitter internet trolls who thrive on nastiness and hate. But good on 'em for trying!

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