What If There Were A Better Way to Discuss Issues? It's Hump Day!

PERHAPS WE SHOULD APPEAL TO OUR BETTER ANGELS FOR ANSWER And I mean an organization called Better Angels. Better Angels is dedicated to bringing people of different political stripes together to facilitate conversations about issues that don't devolve into name calling and arguments. I'll talk with Ciaran O'Connor today about the work they are doing. Find out more and join in by clicking here.

I SHARE THIS EVERY YEAR ABOUT OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM And I KNOW it's not 100% accurate, but it's lovely and moving and special and though it was written during the War of 1812, it gives us a feeling of just what our forefathers went through to create this great American Experiment. I share it in the hopes it keeps us from screwing it up even more than we have.

I'D LIKE TO PASS A LAW THAT SAYS MEMBERS OF CONGRESS HAVE TO DEMONSTRATE A RUDIMENTARY UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONSTITUTION And I'd like to make sure that Rep. Frederica Wilson is in the first class. The Florida Democrat wants to pass a law making it a crime to make fun of Members of Congress. No, I'm not kidding. Maybe my class will start with the 1st Amendment and go from there.

CAN CNN STOP IT'S SLIDE? I'm going to ask you, news channel viewers, if there is anything CNN could do to win you back. I have a few suggestions. But do they even care? They are shedding audience in droves and they don't seem to be making any changes that might stop the slide. So maybe we can help!

JON CALDARA HAS SOME WORDS FOR THE REPEAL TABOR CROWD And he does everything but call them lily livered scum suckers as he rightly and correctly explains why the Taxpayers Bill of Rights is so offensive to politicians. It ties their hands and limits their power. Which is why it must stay intact.

BUT EVEN IF WE VOTE TO KEEP TABOR, JARED POLIS IS STILL TRYING TO KILL IT Because the polling numbers are not on his side, our Governor is already trying to figure out a way to get around TABOR in a special session if need be. Because I think we all know what the voters actually want doesn't matter to this group in the Legislature and our Governor. They demonstrated that by their actions on all the bills shot down by the voters that they went ahead and passed.

LAKEWOOD JUST VOTED TO MAKE HOUSING EVEN LESS AFFORDABLE Because they passed an anti-growth measure which severely curtails development and home building in the city. Which means if you own property in Lakewood it just got way more valuable because supply and demand. If you are a young person who wants to buy something in Lakewood, sorry about your luck. Read the details here.

FLORIDA FINALLY GETS IT RIGHT ON DISGUSTING IGUANAS And now the citizenry has been told to kill the ugly jerks wherever they can. They are an invasive species and must die. Good.

NOW THE WAY YOU GRILL YOUR BURGERS COULD KILL YOU And frankly, I am so sick of hearing about how everything we've done since the beginning of time is now going to kill us. Cook your burgers, enjoy the day, but if you're the nervous nelly type, this article can tell you how to cook everything to death. And I mean that literally.

NO, THE BETSY ROSS FLAG IS NOT A "SYMBOL OF WHITE SUPREMACISTS" And this is just another example of someone making crap up to justify an unjustifiable position. The whole Kaepernick being offended by a shoe story said that the flag was associated with the American Nazi party, which is just false. A bunch of scholars have now given the flag the a-okay as not being a symbol of something horrible. But Kaepernick still sucks. a


MINI AOC HAS OFFICIALLY RETIRED BECAUSE OF DEATH THREATS And if you are one of those who took the time to send her and her family death threats because you are a humorless jerk I just want you to know you're a horrible person. Read the shameful tale here.

THE SUMMER MOVIE SEASON IS A FLOP Because they are making crappy movies.

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