Everyone but the Browns!

In the 1960s it was a boarding house/home for girls. When the house became a museum, the kitchen was transformed back to a 1910 era kitchen using original blueprints and a 1910 Sears Catalogue.

Visit the New Exhibit at the Molly Brown House Museum: Everyone but the Browns: 1340 Pennsylvania St. Through the Years explores the stories of those who lived in the mansion beyond the “Unsinkable” Margaret Brown and her family. In honor of the 130th birthday of the Molly Brown House, this exhibit pulls back the curtain on untold stories from the “mystery years” of the home, when it was everything from a rooming house for men to a Jane Addams Hull home for girls, and later, offered as rooms and apartments for rent. Whether they rented a room, were a “wayward girl,” or lived in one of several apartments, the homes’ many other residents created memories and made histories of their own. Learn about those who left their mark on the House of Lions. Hear the remembrances of Elizabeth Perkins, who attended secretary school inside the Molly Brown House in the 1920s, and who met both Margaret and J.J. Brown. Discover notes and drawings by Joe Taylor, a child in the 1960s who left his belongings hidden inside the home’s basement walls. Honor Art Leisenring, the owner of the boarding house at 1340 Pennsylvania who saved the Browns’ home from demolition and helped establish a grassroots preservation organization, Historic Denver. These are just a few of the people who left their mark on the House of Lions after the Browns stopped living there full-time in 1910. Everyone but the Browns: 1340 Pennsylvania St. Through the Years runs through August 26, 2019. This exhibit is included in general museum admission. There is no charge for members of Historic Denver. Visit www.mollybrown.org for more information and reservations.

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