It's Transportation Tuesday with CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew!

YOU'VE GOT ROAD QUESTIONS, WE'VE GOT ROAD ANSWERS As we visit with CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. She's had some time to settle in and we'll take your questions today at 2pm.


EUROPE GOT TRUMPED So there were elections all over Europe this past week and the ruling classes got dumped. For what? They got dumped for the harder right and harder left. In short, the Europeans did just as Americans did in 2016, they rejected the status quo. Without going into each election for each nation (because let's not pretend you care that much) here is a relatively good article that explains what happened.

DEMOCRATS WOULD DO WELL TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN EUROPE Because this article very clearly and carefully outlines how a lax position on immigration could lead to the continued rise of populism, as it did in Europe. It's long but worth the read.

CAN WE JUST SHUT DOWN MOUNT EVEREST FOR A BIT? I realize it is the dream of many, but I didn't realize HOW many. Mount Everest is being loved to death, and now it so crowded the whole things seems just stupid. Check this photo:

A long line of climbers waiting to summit Mount Everest on May 22.Credit@nimsdai/Project Possible, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

It's not photo shopped, those are all the people trying to tackle Everest. This looks horrible. Someone stop it. Read the accompanying horrible article

NATIVE AMERICANS SHOW THE FAILURES OF SOCIALISM We don't need to wonder what socialism does to people, just look at what it's done to Native Americans. This article on a new group of Franciscan monks who are working on a Native American reservation provides a very clear lesson on what could go wrong.

NEW YORK IS TRYING TO AVOID A LOSS AT THE SUPREME COURT BY CHANGING IT'S STUPID GUN LAWS And the plaintiffs in the case, who would directly benefit from the change, are crying foul. Why? Because the change to the current law, which is stupid restrictive and unnecessary, would moot the case at the Supreme Court. Which is exactly why New York wants to change it, because a loss could spell doom for gun control laws across the country. It's an interesting tactic. We'll see if it works.

j JOE BIDEN IS WINNING BY NOT RUNNING And this is a sad, sad commentary on the state of affairs for the Democratic party right now. Biden had NO events scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. Some of his opponents had four to eight events this weekend alone. Why? Because if you let Joe out on the campaign trail, he's going to say something incredibly stupid. So keep him quiet and let his reputation run for him. It might work in the primary, but it most certainly will not work in the general.

WHAT KIND OF GEEK MONSTER STEALS COMIC BOOKS? Someone did a smash and grab at Mile High Comics and got away with $40k worth of rare comic books. I hope he gets caught by a super hero. Or the cops, either would work.

JAPAN SHOWS YOU DON'T NEED GUNS TO WREAK HAVOC As a man attacks school children with a knife and wreaks havoc.

TWO OF MY FAVORITE NERDS IN ONE VIDEO! John Stossel interviews former President Larry Reed. You need to watch this to understand how badly FDR wrecked the economy with his Depression era policies.


DID THE INVESTIGATION OF THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN START IN 2015? A new lawsuit alleges it did. This might be the best way for the American people to find out exactly how long ago the Obama Administration launched a secret investigation of a major political campaign from the opposition.

BEING ANTI VACCINE MANDATES IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING ANTI-VACCINE And this article in Politico tries to intimate that Republicans are the REAL problem because they won't support the State forcing people to have vaccines when they don't want them. Not wanting the State to have the power to force someone to put something IN THEIR OWN BODIES is much different than not believing vaccines are a good idea. I just want to persuade people with good information and uncomfortable consequences instead.

DOMO ARIGATO INDEED! The question is being asked when we will begin having emotional and sexual relationships with robots. One school of thought says it will be commonplace by 2050. What could go wrong? Honestly though, with the rise of epic levels of loneliness we are seeing, this might be just the thing the doctor ordered.

IF THIS KEEPS UP, IT'S FOUR MORE YEARS OF PRESIDENT TRUMP Americans are pretty happy with their own economic situation right now. And if you're in the 25% worried about money "all the time" just try to make good decisions and things will get better. It's the "good decisions" part that matters.a



Whoa. This is such a game changer. I'm already thinking of the ways this can be abused, of course. But the ways it can be used for good are endless!

CHRIS SPEARS HAS A SPIRIT BROTHER IN OHIO Because I bet he'd do the same thing as this guy.


WE LOST TWO SPORTS GREAT THIS PAST WEEKEND First Bart Starr and then Bill Buckner. The first was at one time considered the GOAT, the second always considered just a goat.

REPARATIONS ARE THE ULTIMATE RACISM And this column written by a descendant of a slave says it better than I ever could. From the article:

The idea of reparations demeans America’s founding ideals. A culturally Marxist ideapromotedby socialists, reparations denies the promise granted by an omnipotent God that we are truly equal and that regardless of race we are capable of overcoming obstacles and past injustices. By indoctrinating others into this cynical ideology, an elitist class of progressives exploits past differences and ensures that they will divide us in the future.
It is their divisive message that marks the black race as forever broken, as a people whose healing comes only through the guilt, pity, profits and benevolence of the white race. This perception is playing out on our nation’s college campuses, where young white Americans claim privilege due to their skin color and young black Americans, with no apparent shame, accept this demeaning of their own color as truth.
As they repeat this mantra, they seem unaware that this perception was also shared by the 1960s Southern white supremacists of my youth. They have accepted the theory that skin color alone is capable of making one race superior to the other—that through an irremovable white advantage, with no additional effort, values, personal initiative, honesty or education, white Americans will succeed, while black Americans will fail. At its very core this represents the condescending evil of racism.

You really should read it all.


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