Documentary on the Opioid Crisis & What We Know About the Sri Lanka Bombers

YOU'VE SEEN SARA CARTER ON FOX NEWS And she is a total badass. She's covered wars, done a lot of time in the Middle East, is a crack investigative reporter and now she's got a documentary out on the opioid crisis called Not in Vein which is right below this. It is powerful and graphic, so be warned. But you should watch it. She's on today to talk the Mueller report and more.

THE FEDS ARE CHARGING A DRUG COMPANY WITH DRUG TRAFFICKING And it's about time the crackdown was as hard on the white collar criminals as they are on the street level dealers. Read the story here.

WHO WERE THE BOMBERS IN SRI LANKA? I think you aren't necessarily hearing much about this, but the men who killed themselves to murder 359 people were not poor, oppressed Muslims who just wanted a better a life. Not at all. From

In an interview with CNN, Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the suspected bombers were upper and middle class, well-educated and educated abroad, a profile he described as "surprising." He added that several of them were under surveillance ahead of the attacks, but that there had not been "sufficient" evidence to take them into custody.

Very similar to the also "surprising" profile of the 9/11 bombers. Why is it surprising at this point? It sure shouldn't be. These are not poor Palestinians whose families need the money. They are rich kids fighting a religious war.

DEMOCRATS WANT TO TAX THE POOR AND THE YOUNG And it's all about Governor Jared Polis' insane proposal to raise taxes on cigarettes and tobacco vaping to rates that are downright confiscatory. Why? FOR THE CHILDREN, OF COURSE! He wants more money to fund education and some other crap but this is a sin tax which would get people to stop buying cigarettes legally. The issue is about who would actually PAY these taxes. Look at the demographic breakdown of smokers nationwide:

That means that poor people are going to be taxed. I would expect a thriving black market to appear like the one in New York.

IF YOU'RE THE PRAYERFUL SORT, I NEED A FAVOR One of my listeners who is also a regular emailer lost his wife yesterday unexpectedly. Lift up Ralph and his family if you could.

AND NOW, THE DAY COLLUSION DIED Thanks to listener Jan for this one.

OF COURSE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO NOT VACCINATE, BUT THIS MOM WISHES YOU'D RECONSIDER This is heartbreaking but hats off to this mom who is watching her baby girl fight the measles in the hospital for sharing these photos to encourage people to vaccinate. Read the column about it.


A FATHER IS FOUND GUILTY OF VIOLENCE FOR CALLING HIS DAUGHTER A GIRL Only in Canada...for now... is this a thing. A dad whose daughter went to court to earn the right to be given hormone treatment for her gender disorder at the ripe old age of 14. Her dad is STRONGLY against this, and yet the court completely subverted his rights. And now, the judge has found the dad guilty of family violence and has forbidden him from speaking about it in public at all. Canada sucks, y'all.

I'M NOT SURE IF I BELIEVE OLD JOE ON THIS ONE Joe Biden's campaign says they asked President Obama NOT to endorse him in the primary. Uh-huh. He says he wants to win the nomination on his own merits. Uh-huh. I'm not buying what he's selling here. t

THIS IS NOT OUR BEST LOOK, DENVER Straight from the 420 Festival last weekend. Ugh.

NEW YORK CITY IS OFFERING LESS MEAT TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE You can read this, but your head might explode as mine did. New York City under the "leadership" of Mayor Bill De Blasio is now going to be serving less meat to fight climate change. That's it.

NOW HANDSHAKES MAY BE BANNED IN THE WORKPLACE I sure hope they replace them with fist bumps! No, I don't really. Because of the new uncertainty from the #metoo movement, some workplaces are considering banning ALL physical contact, including handshakes. This is so dumb I'm concerned for the future of the world right now.

THE NEXT BOND FILM AS A CAST And it includes Daniel Craig as Bond and Rami Malek as the villain. Sign me up.

THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I'VE SEEN ALL DAY! Although if you use Twitter and actually live a normal life where you meet normal people, you already know this to be true. A new study has shown that Twitter doesn't represent the American people. THANKS BE TO GOD on this one. Less than 2% of Americans are represented by the slew of garbage and nonsense put out on a daily basis on the platform. Read the breakdown here.

SHOULD PARENTS BE REQUIRED TO FOLLOW A SCHOOL DRESS CODE? A Houston principal, who is black, put out a parent dress code for her high school and it's causing some waves. Most of the waves are around the "no bonnets or hair wraps" part. Well see if this black principal is declared racist and forced to change this.

OBESITY DOESN'T CAUSE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, THE EXPERIENCE OF WEIGHT STIGMA DOES! At least according to some wackadoodle broad who probably got paid to deliver a lecture to a college campus about how she's fat and should get a food stipend instead of told to lose weight. Oh, there's more. SOO much more. Like how fitness instructors are actually Nazis. I could not make this up. Read it, but be prepared to have to seek medical help to deal with the eye rolling.

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