13-Year-Old Girl Killed After Classmates Jumped Her On The Street

A 13-year-old girl from Texas died after she was jumped by a group of classmates while she was walking home. Kashala Francis was attacked by three girls who punched and kicked her in an unprovoked attack outside of Attucks Middle School. Francis appeared to be fine following the attack, which occurred last Thursday (April 18), but took a turn for the worse over the weekend.

On Sunday (April 21), Francis started complaining of a headache and lost consciousness. She slipped into a coma and was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital where doctors discovered she had a tumor in the back of her head, along with a fluid buildup in her brain. They were unable to save the young girl and she passed away on Wednesday.

Police say that they are treating Francis' death as a homicide, but no charges have been filed against the girls who attacked her. Officials explained that they are waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine if Francis died as a result of the attack or from the tumor.

“So, if she had a tumor in her head that were we unknowing about, and somebody repeatedly stomped and kicked and punched you in your head — you’re not even fighting back — is it going to be better or is it going to be worse?” Francis' mother, Mamie Jackson, rhetorically asked a reporter from KTRK.

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