Democrat Leans In for Totalitarianism on a Tuesday

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DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP YOUR GUNS? THIS POTUS CANDIDATE WILL COME GET THEM! Part of me thinks Rep. Eric Swalwell is a Sascha Baron Cohen character like Borat, but alas, he seems to actually believe the crap that comes out of his mouth. He's officially running for President and he thinks so-called "assault weapons" should be banned and he plans to jail people who refuse to comply.

Swalwell is also a Trump Collusion Truther, and I sure hope he gets hounded by the media after the Mueller report comes out Thursday about his continued insistence that there was collusion where there was none. Plus, he just looks like a smarmy bastard, doesn't he?

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We do owe him a big thanks for reminding us why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place, which is to protect us from people like this jackhole who believes he knows what is best for the rest of us whether we like it or not!

OH, AND GUN DEATHS WERE DOWN DRAMATICALLY LAST YEAR This as more and more people own more and more firearms safely and legally. This organization tracks gun deaths (not including suicide) in real time and their numbers for 2018 are out and really positive news. Don't tell Eric Swalwell.

HERO PRIEST SAVES THE CROWN OF THORNS FROM NOTRE DAME FIRE Talk about a guy who must know when he leaves this planet he will get an express elevator to Heaven. Father Jean-Marc Fournier ran into the burning Cathedral to save one of the most precious artifacts in Church history, the Crown of Thorns purportedly worn by Jesus during his crucifixion. This same priest ran into the Bataclan nightclub during the attack by Islamic terrorists and survived an ambush in Afghanistan. He's some dude.

MEN IN ISLAM "BEAT" THEIR WIVES BECAUSE THEIR WIVES LIKE IT, K? A cleric from Qatar did a handy video explaining HOW to beat your wife as directed by Islam. I'm sure he is expecting praise for pointing out that you aren't supposed to hit a woman in the face or leave bruises, but for those of us who don't find the thought of a man beating his wife in ANY manner acceptable, it's horrifying. I can't wait to hear Rep. Ilhan Omar comment on how "some people do some things" when it comes to beating wives.

BERNIE SANDERS WON'T CONDEMN FULL TERM ABORTION And I must tell you, this whole thing is disgusting. Democrats have painted themselves into a corner where they can't even say that the process of poisoning a full term child in the womb so it can be delivered dead is wrong. This is not a party or position I would want to associate myself with. When asked at his Town Hall about it, he said this:

"Look, I think that that happens very, very rarely and I think this is being made into a political issue. Okay?" Sanders said, amid cheers and jeers. "So I think it's rare, it's being made into a political issue, but at the end of the day I believe that the decision over abortion belongs to a woman and her physician, not the federal government, not the state government, and not the local government."

And people CHEERED not wanting to stop abortion until the moment of delivery. They CHEERED it. What a macabre thing to cheer.

YOU KNOW WHAT? EVERYONE SHOULD PAY THEIR FARE SHARE OF INCOME TAXES And that means the over 50 million filers who paid ZERO or LESS need to stop mooching and start paying. 80% of all income taxes were paid by people with incomes over $100,000. That's hardly fair, don't you think? Time to get those slackers back on the tax rolls!



DENVER IS TRYING TO DOLL UP THE 16TH STREET MALL. AGAIN. You can find the new plans in this article but nowhere do I see ridding the place of homeless people, which is really where they need to start.

EVOLUTION ISN'T EXACTLY A CERTAIN THING THESE DAYS And I'm not talking about from religious people, I'm talking about from biologists who are increasingly questioning Darwin's Theory of Evolution and determining that it is not feasible or possible. Read this.


BERNIE STILL DOESN'T KNOW HOW HE'S PAYING FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL Because he knows it's going to cost WAY more than he says it is and that taxes are going to have to up dramatically to pay for it so he just doesn't want to say that.

RIP GEORGETTE, YOU WERE A TREASURE Georgia Engel of Mary Tyler Moore fame has passed away.

THERE IS NOTHING SURPRISING IN THE SOFT SEXISM SURROUNDING POLITICS And it has to do to the emotionalism of women overall. Yes, women are more emotional than men. But it's also true that we are better at building teams and making people feel valued and all sorts of other things that are important in politics. But you wouldn't know it from this article.

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