Hellooooo Friday, How Ya Been?

MAN HAVE WE GOT SOME COOL GUESTS TODAY First off, I've got a female Jui Jitsu instructor Melissa Meyer on to talk about women and self defense because it's Sexual Assault Awareness Month. She's on at 2pm. Find her gym at High Altitude Martial Arts by clicking here.

HAVEN'T YOU EVER WANTED TO RIDE A TANK THROUGH DOWNTOWN DENVER? My guest's book subject is going to do just that! Adam Makos joins me to talk about World War II veteran Clarence Smoyer and why and how he's riding a tank through the city. Don't miss him at 2:30. Buy Adam's book by clicking here.

WHY THE BLANKETY BLANK IS THE DAMN DEFICIT SO HIGH? No Republican better try to sell me that the GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility. And NO people, this is NOT because of the Trump tax cuts, this is BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT IS SPENDING LIKE DRUNKEN SAILORS. I went back and found a nerdy paper I read a long, long time ago because it makes the case clearly and supported by data, that when government spends big, it has a negative impact on the economy. You need to read the whole thing, because it's an excellent argument against Big Government spending. And right now, we are spending at rates EQUAL TO TARP and the BAILOUTS and there is absolutely no excuse for this disgrace except people have been distracted by the stupid Russia thing and politicians took total advantage of that.

WE'RE GOOGLING PHO AND I DON'T KNOW WHY Here is a list of the foods most googled by each state. What is up with our fascination with pho?

TRUMP TOOK A VICTORY LAP AT A MICHIGAN RALLY Because he's Trump, that's why. Read the coverage here.

SOCIALISM MAKES EVERYONE EQUAL IN VENEZUELA As everyone is now doing without power. Caracas has been returned to the Middle Ages according to news outlets. Hey, why don't we try that here???

THIS MAKES ME WANT TO WORK FOR THE NORFOLK PD Because they sure look like they are having fun! They were challenged by another department to a lip sync battle. Game on.

I AM SO MELISSA MCCARTHY IN THIS SKIT You want to know why I struggle at women's events. Watch this.

WHITE REPORTERS NEED NOT APPLY At least to cover this political event in Savannah, GA


I THINK THE SWAT TEAM IN THIS CASE IS RIDICULOUS AND OVER THE TOP An Arizona mom took her son to a clinic because he wasn't feeling well. He had a very high fever and the doctor at the clinic told the mom to take her son to the ER. Mom said she was afraid the State of Arizona would find out her son was unvaccinated if she went to the ER. Doc talks her into it, mom leaves and doesn't go to the ER because she says kid's fever started to decline. So the SWAT team breaks down the family's door in the middle of the night. Read it all here.


I MAINTAIN A FART CAN BE WEAPONIZED Even if an Australian court ruled otherwise.

AND THE HARD LEFT TURNS ON JOE BIDEN And this story in The Week does not bode well for Biden 2020. Why? This paragraph is just the beginning:

But let’s get serious: Actual Candidate Joe Biden is going to be a lot less popular than Potential Candidate Joe Biden. To begin with, there’s his record, whichcouldn’t befurtherout of stepwith the party he aims to lead. He’s been steadfastly pro-corporate in his instincts and preferences, as one might expect from a senator representing the state of Delaware, home to the country’s credit card industry. His racial viewsin the 1970s placed him on the rightward fringe of his party. He was hard on Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearings. He campaigns for Republicans. And he has a long history of handsy behavior, and downright sleazy off-color statements, toward women.

and it goes downhill from there. Sorry Joe, it ain't gonna happen when your own team is doing oppo research.


DUDE, OPRAH IS COMING! OPRAH IS COMING! She's giving the commencement address at Colorado College this year.

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