It's Weather Wednesday with Chris Spears! And the Fallout Continues...

YOU'VE GOT WEATHER QUESTIONS, WE'VE GOT WEATHER ANSWERS As Chris Spears joins me today for Weather Wednesday! Email me your questions if you can't call at

IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR BUSINESS AND BURLESQUE! Although since it's tonight you need to go here right now and find out more and buy a ticket.

WHAT TO DO NOW THAT TRUMP ISN'T GOING TO BE ARRESTED? THAT IS THE QUESTION And I must say, it's sort of fun to watch if you're not trying to be a Better Person and gloat (see yesterday's blog for more on that). MSNBC, which has seen ratings climb on endless coverage of the Russian collusion investigation, now has to figure out where it goes next. Heh. This is what happens when you put all of your editorial eggs in one basket. I do find it interesting that they are currently going with the "wait until the full report comes out" angle. But hey MSNBC, you do you.

I'M ALL FOR THIS INVESTIGATION And I hope this gains some traction because it needs to happen. Kimberly Guilfoyle lays it out nicely in this column. Rand Paul is also calling for some investigating as well.

DEMOCRATS JUST CAN'T LET IT GO, EVEN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS Rep. Eric Swalwell had a fun exchange with Rep. Eric Swalwell about how he doesn't believe the Mueller report.

RICH CELEBRITIES TRY TO TELL TIPPED EMPLOYEES WHAT'S GOOD FOR THEM And in this case, it's a $15 minimum wage for tipped employees. Stars like Amy Schumer are making the case that tipped employees would be less likely to suffer harassment if they made a $15 minimum wage. Too bad they didn't talk to actual waitresses who say the stars need to butt out.

THE MOVE TO STOP THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE NEEDS A CASH INFUSION And these are legitimate needs like printing and mailing costs and more. Please consider donating here.

I'M SURE I'M BRINGING DOWN THE AVERAGE IN DOUGCO But even with my lazy ass living in it, Douglas County was named the nation's healthiest!

NOBODY IS GIVING THE ROCKIES A CHANCE And that's fine with me. Some even have the Stupid Dodgers winning the whole thing. Stupid Dodgers. Find out where the money is here.

WIKIPEDIA IS PROVEN ONCE AGAIN TO BE NOT ALTOGETHER ACCURATE But now we know that there are companies one can hire to "manage" a Wikipedia page. For a fee, of course. This is why I tell my daughter to cross check everything she finds on Wikipedia. But the story above doesn't tell the WHOLE story about exactly WHO is getting some Wiki management, but Breitbart has more.

NANCY PELOSI TRIES TO THROW SHADE AT REP. OMAR FOR THE SAKE OF THE JEWS Because she was speaking at AIPAC, the Jewish lobbying organization. What did Nancy say?

IF YOU ARE LEADING A LOW CARB OR KETO LIFESTYLE, WATCH THIS! How do artificial sweeteners affect your blood glucose and ketones?

AND NOW FOR SOME TRUTH TELLING IN ADAMS COUNTY I wish I could embed this, but you have to click here to watch and oil and gas man absolutely TAKE OUT the Adams County Commission. Democrats should be poised to own the economic ramifications of their actions on oil and gas. I know I will be reminding you daily whose fault it is. If anyone knows this guy, I want to talk to him on the show!

NOW RICE MIGHT KILL YOU But only the leftover kind.

THE FIGHT OVER VACCINATIONS IS GOING WELL As one New York County has banned any unvaccinated people from any public area as a measles outbreak is raging there. This is one of those things that I'm not sure how they are going to enforce, save having everyone carry around their shot records to be demanded by police.

SENATOR MIKE LEE WORKS IN SARCASM LIKE A SCULPTOR WORKS IN MARBLE At least during these comments from the House floor.

FREE SPEECH IS ALIVE AT AMHERST COLLEGE Although it remains on life support. After word about the colleges new glossary of approved terms for students got out, the college has now back tracked and rescinded the "Common Language Guide" which included definitions for terms which are anything but common. An example:

“Homonationalism,” per the document, is used “to explain the ways in which cis-gay and lesbian veterans of the Iraq War were celebrated as proof of American exceptionalism in contrast to racist/orientalist discourse about Iraqi combatants and other people in Central Asia racialized outside of U.S. understandings of whiteness.”

Mmmkay. The college now says the document was not meant to tell students they had to speak in this nonsense, just that they should. Or something. Note to self: Q, Amherst College is off the table.

MCCONNELL'S OFFICE POINTS OUT UNFORTUNATE OPTICS FOR DEMOCRATS and I'm proud of the old guy for using tech to demonstrate how silly the Dems vote on AOC's Green New Deal was.

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