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NOW THAT THE DUST HAS SETTLED SOMEWHAT And I hope you've read all kinds of stuff about how the media had destroyed any semblance of respectability during the last two years (if you haven't you need to read this long article by Matt Taibbi where he exposes lie after lie after lie and the utter malpractice of the media in the last two years). Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about a new investigation into the high level FBI officials who repeatedly spread the rumors that our President was a foreign agent beholden to Russia. James Comey. James Clapper. John Brennan. Peter Strzok. Lisa Page. They need to be called to account for the havoc they have wreaked on our nation. They were the worst kind of Usual Idiots because they had the power to destroy using their official capacities. At least John Brennan is offering some sort of mea culpa, although I'm inclined to believe it's more CYA than heartfelt.

Here is a fun list of False "Exclusives" which were of course exclusives because only one media outlet at a time bought this garbage they were being sold. Real journalism would have been nice on any of these stories. We shall discuss today.

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK IS ON AT 1:15 And we'll see what he thinks is going to happen next.

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NO, THE GOP DID NOT "BLOCK" THE RELEASE OF THE REPORT And if they did, it's only temporary, although I have no idea why McConnell would put himself in this position for no reason. McConnell blocked a piece of legislation that prodded the DoJ to make the full report public with no timeline of when that might happen.

McConnell, noting that it took nearly two years for Mueller to conduct his investigation, said: "It's not unreasonable to give the special counsel and the Justice Department just a little time to complete their review in a professional and responsible manner."

That's not an unreasonable position but one that is completely unnecessary as the DoJ can release it whenever they want, really. This seems like an unnecessary thing to me.

COLORADO IS TRYING TO FIX A PROBLEM BY CREATING EVEN MORE PROBLEMS And this one has to do with a reinsurance plan to help people paying for individual health care plans avoid high premiums. The concept behind this is not a bad one, but how the State plans to make it work is cumbersome and unwieldy and will likely cause even MORE problems. This is a perfect example of government trying to solve a problem government created. The more government gets involved with insurance the worse it's going to get. Read it here and lest you think it won't affect you, when hospitals are limited in what they can charge one cohort group (i.e. Medicare patients) they simply cost shift the rest of the fees to people like you and me.

OUR STATE BUDGET HAS DOUBLED SINCE 2005 You read that right. In 2005 our total budget was $15.1 billion. The budget just unveiled by our Legislature is $30.5 billion. What's in it? Read the summary here. In case you were wondering, we had 4.66 million people in Colorado in 2005 and roughly 5.7 million now. Not double. Not even close. Why does the Legislature want to keep my Taxpayer Bill of Rights refund again?

OUR CALIFORNICATION WILL BE COMPLETE IF WE DON'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIGHT THIS This article honestly depressed the heck out of me yesterday. Why? Because it lays out in careful detail how the Progressives have built a formidable structure that conservatives or libertarians haven't kept up with. But even thought it depressed me it's great information and anyone concerned about Colorado's future would do well to use this as a blueprint on how to fight back.

THE ATTACK DOG IS UNDER ATTACK The attack dog in question is David Sirota, the hardcore progressive who doesn't mind being an ahole if it helps him bring down someone he disagrees with. Now he's under attack for a variety of things from playing dirty pool in a long ago political race to not disclosing his "close" relationship that turned into a working relationship with Bernie Sanders. I just find it interesting when people who claim the moral high ground are found to be living in the gutter instead.

IS THIS LIBERAL PRIVILEGE? Former Empire star Jussie Smollet has seen all the charges against him dropped, much to the alleged anger of the Chicago PD. The PD says they were not informed of this decision before it was made. The prosecutor noted his community service and that he had forfeited his bail to the city as reasons for the dismissal. I wonder if a white tv star gets the same option? I'm guessing yes. Because fame really does have it's privileges.


#SOFTSEXISM IS ALIVE NASA had to cancel the first all female space walk because there aren't enough space suits sized for women. Note: this has never stopped the all male space walks.


LORI LYNN IS CELEBRATING 30 YEARS AT KOA! I just wanted you to know because I think that kicks booty.

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