It's a Business Funding Wednesday with Arezou Zarafshan

NEED STARTUP OR EXPANSION FUNDING FOR YOUR BUSINESS? I'm excited to have Arezou Zarafshan on the show today to talk about one of the most mysterious parts of starting or growing a business, which do you pay for it? Arezou is one of our FABULOUS speakers at the's Business and Burlesque event. Attendees will hear more about how to find that elusive funding, how to build your web presence the right way, and how to unleash the magic of you and your ideas, PLUS you get dinner and drinks and a really silly and fun burlesque lesson. Perfect for the female entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur and with use the PROMO code GRIND to get a ticket for just $25! Here's a link to buy tickets. Guys, you can contact Arezou too at or and use the promo code mandy when you email her for a deal!

TWITTER'S SHADOWBANNING PROVES THEY ARE WORKING FOR LIBERALS We all know the social media giants hate conservative ideals. But if there were ever any doubt, Twitter's new amped up shadowbanning demonstrates that they are not only in the bag for liberals, they are trying to hide it, which in my mind is a total admission of guilt. I've got a project to storm the social media castle. Get ready friends, this is going to take all of us.

DOES THIS MEAN WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE MATRIX? And if there is the possibility of more than one reality, can I pick which one I want to live in? Because sometimes this reality makes me want to pull my hair out.

BETA O'ROURKE THINKS BLACK PEOPLE ARE TOO DUMB OR POOR TO HAVE ID That's the only logical conclusion as to why he says voter id laws are "racist". The implication that black or brown people are somehow too poor or dumb to get an id to vote and do pretty much every other thing they might need to do in life (like buy freaking cold medicine in Colorado). Isn't it?

THIS WRITER GETS BETA LIKE I GET BETA And I'm just sharing the column because it made me laugh and realize how low the standards Democrats have for their Presidential candidates. Dreamy? Check. Smooth feet? Check. Long teeth? Check. Beto is their guy! I can't make this stuff up but you should read this column and laugh too.



I LOVE SEEING THE MAN BEHIND THE ADVERTISING CURTAIN And I will most certainly show this to my nine year old daughter to make her a more savvy consumer.

I WONDER IF AG PHIL WEISER FEELS THIS WAY ABOUT EVERY LAW NOT BEING FOLLOWED Because we all know that enforcing laws about people being in the country are routinely ignored in Denver. And that the law banning camping is routinely ignored and now will not be enforced without a seven day notice. Or that federal drug laws are being flouted every day across Colorado. Now Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser says sheriffs who won't comply with the new Red Flag Bill should resign. You don't get to pick and choose when you show outrage over people in authority ignoring the laws they have sworn to uphold. Just saying.

THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE MAY ACTUALLY TRY TO FIX A FAILING PROGRAM Because the $231 million bucks we spent trying to make sure every kid reads by third grade has been a massive failure which resulted in even WORSE test scores for these little scamps. Kudos for the Legislature for trying to make sure schools are using the right curriculum and making sure that teachers and reading coaches are properly trained to actually TEACH reading. Good luck with this one.

HOLY COW THIS ARTICLE IS HEARTBREAKING I had no idea how BIG the connection between foster care and sex trafficking is. And it's BIG. I've invited the author on the show next week to discuss it, but you should read it now.

SMOKING HIGH GRADE POT EVERY DAY COULD MAKE YOU CRAZY And by crazy, I mean induce psychosis. I remain unsure whether or not this is a chicken or egg situation, meaning I'm not sure if people prone to psychosis would be more likely to self medicate by using very strong pot everyday. But this is the kind of stuff we need to find out more about. Personally I do believe there is a link from early pot use and schizophrenia in people predisposed to mental illness, but my evidence is simply anecdotal.

DEAR RIGHT WING PEOPLE, PLEASE READ THIS And I mean "Dear" as an actual statement of affection in this case. I do want everyone on the right to read this very thoughtful column on the dangers of identity politics on the right. Yes, the right DOES honor and serve identity politics, it's just of a different kind, one we should be keenly aware of and increasingly shun. This column is just outstanding, please read it with an open mind.


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