It's Tuesday's with Michael Hancock!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK AT 2PM So get your questions ready. Or email them to me at if you can't call. Already on deck are minimum wage, sanctuary city policies, the settlement with the homeless population and more.

IN AN INCREASINGLY DESPERATE BID TO DIFFERENTIATE THEMSELVES, DEM CANDIDATES BEGIN GIVING AWAY THE STORE Sure Medicare for All sounded cray cray when Bernie said it, but now it TOTALLY RAD with multiple Democratic candidates enthusiastically supporting it while not mentioning how they will pay for it. So what is a progressive candidate to do when trying to cut through the clutter? Promise reparations! Promise universal basic income! Promise to protect a women's right to kill a baby right up to delivery!

JUST DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, amiright? It's going to be interesting to see how these candidates try to moderate these positions in the General Election, assuming one of these big spenders makes it out of the primary.

DEMS ARE DESPERATE TO CHANGE THE PLAYING FIELD TO BENEFIT THEM In what I can only describe as childish outbursts over being beaten in 2000 and 2016. Liz Warren says let's get rid of the Electoral College! Cory Booker says pack the court! Because they can't get what they want by playing by the rules, they want to change the rules. My daughter did that when she was six.

SEATTLE IS DYING And KOMO tv did a really stunning hour long special on it you should watch. I'm afraid this could be our future.


THE GEORGE CONWAY-TRUMP DUSTUP IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF SEXISM AT WORK I totally don't give a crap what KellyAnne Conway's husband George says about Trump. Don't. Give. A. Crap. But it's interesting that Conway's non stop insults regularly get reported on by the media because if the roles were reversed and George worked for Trump and Kelly Anne was spouting off I can assure you it would not be given the same gravity. She would be dismissed as an unsupportive wife who needed to keep her mouth shut. Tell me I'm wrong.

GOD AND SCIENCE ARE NOT INCOMPATIBLE At least not according to an astrophysicist who is working daily to prove that they work together.

CHRISTIAN TOTO EXPLAINS HOW HARD IT MUST BE TO BE WOKE IN HOLLYWOOD THESE DAYS. And it sort of goes along with the whole Beta O'Rourke thing yesterday. When all your peeps are waiting to pounce on any perceived slight or insult so they can bludgeon you with those slights it must be exhausting. Heh.

COULD JARED POLIS' KINDERGARTEN PLAN BE DEAD BEFORE IT GETS STARTED? I sure hope so. Why? Because he wanted to use a one time surplus to fund an ongoing expense. Bad idea. Now budget forecasters are putting the brakes on the whole nonsense.

DEVIN NUNES IS SUING TWITTER And this might be one to watch. Rep. Devin Nunes is suing Twitter for doing nothing about two satire accounts as well as shadowbanning conservative voices. This is going to be an uphill hike, but could mean some changes to how we view someone's ability to make fun on line if it makes it to the Supreme Court. Watch this for sure.




HOW IS SOUTHWEST JUST NUMBER 3? On this list of the 10 best US airlines. Spoiler Alert: Frontier didn't do well.

JACK THE RIPPER HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED! and I have no idea why I think this story is so cool but I do. And it turns out that the prime suspect 100 years ago was the guy!

WHAT DO THE DEMOCRATS SAY THEY WANT ANYWAY? this column is not kind to the Democratic agenda. He points out a very important point, and that is the Democrats have been screaming about Trump destroying norms but they simply want to destroy OTHER norms to cement their political fortunes. Great column.

BOB KRAFT GETS OFF Prosecutors in Florida say they will drop the charges against the New England Patriots owner in exchange for him admitting he'd be found guilty if he were charged. Mmmmkay.

THE MAYOR JUST RELEASED A BUNCH OF PLANS TO MAKE US EVEN COOLER And though I just started to skim this, I already see some areas of concern, mainly that dedicated transit lanes are going to mean a road diet for drivers.

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