Hancock's 20 year Plan for Denver's Future

It took three years to come up with a 20 year plan for Denver's future but now the Comprehensive Plan 2040 is a reality. It's the result of the Denverright effort to ask the people of Denver what they want their city to look like two decades from now.

The Comprehensive Plan 2040 is actually made of several components: Blueprint Denver, Game Plan for a Healthy City and Denver Moves Transit-Pedestrians and Trails.

25,000 comments form Denver residents were incorporated in the formation of the plan.

Among highlights of the plan are initiatives for affordable housing, revitalizing Denver's tree canopy and building a city transit system, free of traffic, to move people between home and work. Recreation Centers and parks would be located within a ten minute walk of every Denver resident.

To move forward, the plan will have to be approved by the Denver City Council

Denverright Plan


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