If Beto is What it Means To Be a Man, I'll Take A Hard Pass. It's Monday.

THE DEMOCRATIC CLOWN CAR IS FILLING UP NICELY And one of the Dems media darlings in the mid terms loser Beto O'Rourke took it on the chin with repeated self inflicted wounds that required in his mind incessant apologies. He had to apologize for a joke he made about his wife raising their kids with some occasional help from him. Why? Because a single mother couldn't make the same joke. During that apology he managed to weave in the requisite acknowledgement of his white privilege and how it's helped him in his life. Then he had to apologize for some stupid writings from when he was a kid where he fantasized about running over some kids or something. His entire campaign in one giant admission of guilt and self flagellation. If this is what passes for acceptable manhood these days, I'm going to pass. This is just sad and pathetic and frankly, weak. And weak never beat Trump at anything. Nice knowing you, Robert Francis O'Rourke.

I HATE NETWORKING WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING BUT I'VE GOT A GUEST WHO CAN HELP As we move to a world that is increasingly online networking in person is more important than ever. Meeting people face to face and establishing relationships has to be done whether you are a business owner or just trying to get ahead in your field. And I hate it. But Katherine McGraw Patterson has a new book out about how to get over the networking blues and network like you love it. The book is Lunching with Lions: Strategies for the Networking Adverse and she's on at 2 today to discuss it! Buy the book here.

HEY LADIES, WANT TO LEARN SOME USEFUL BUSINESS STUFF AND HAVE SILLY FUN? DON'T MISS BUSINESS AND BURLESQUE! The LadiesChitChatClub.com is looking for women who own small businesses but want to grow to attend our fun and informative event on March 27th. Where else do you get three dynamic speakers on Finding Funding for Your Small Business, Building Your Web Presence the Right Way, and How Your Unconscious Beliefs Could Be Limiting Your Business? And after you learn it's time for some fun with a burlesque lesson from a professional dancer? It's all about the Grind! Click here to buy your tickets!

GOVERNOR POLIS IS SUPER PROUD OF SIGNING THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE BILL And one must wonder why he waited until Friday night at 5pm to sign the bill that gives our right to decide which POTUS candidate gets our votes to California and New York. He also neglected to notify ANY members of the press so they could watch him sign it and report on how happy he must have looked while doing it, amiright?

Don't worry I'm bringing on the opposition this week to tell you how to get petitions to put this garbage on the ballot. We will stop this in what MUST be a powerful rebuke to this Democratic Legislature and Governor.

THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF TRUMP SAYS THAT MAKES HIM LOOK DUMB He made veiled threats against Saturday Night Live for essentially being a commercial for Democrats without filing elections notices. He might be right, but SNL is the sort of satire the Founders knew had to be protected by the First Amendment. If Trump would just stop talking about it, it would only be noticed by the hard core Dems who make up it's fan base at this point anyway. But he can't, because Trump.

LORD HELP US IF THE MILLENNIALS IN THIS SURVEY ARE SUPPOSED TO SAVE THE PLANET Because you want to read a survey of First World Problems made into HUGE ISSUES this is it. I try not to pick on Millennials but they make it hard not to when they say things like, 'life is more stressful right now than ever before" because I'm sure the 16 year old men who lied about their age to join the military to fight WWII had a more stressful life. Or those kids in the 1950 and 60s who were raised to believe the Soviet Union was going to nuke us had some stress. Or those men who were drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, or lived through the Great Depression or any other thing of massive historical significance were less stressed than when a 20 something cracks his cell phone screen. OH THE HUMANITY. Good grief, Millennials, you need some perspective.

WE'VE GOT TO GET A HANDLE ON PLASTIC WASTE Because it really, truly is killing our ocean wildlife. I am working to reduce my own plastic usage and it's a lot harder than I realized. EVERYTHING comes with plastic. I mean EVERYTHING. And now that we know that recycling is not going to solve the problem, we've got to address it at OUR end instead of feeling good that we're recycling. Because it's all going to the dump these days.

GOOD GRIEF EGGS ARE BAD AGAIN But honestly, I don't care. Eggs have had more comebacks than Peyton Manning so I'm not going to let this study that says I'm going to die an early death dissuade me from my daily egg consumption. I DON'T CARE IF THEY KILL ME, IT WILL BE A DELICIOUS DEATH.

BOEING MAY HAVE A SERIOUS AUTO PILOT ISSUE ON IT'S HANDS WITH THE 737 MAX And the FAA may have a serious problem on it's hands if an investigation shows that Boeing had too much influence on the approval process of the Max aircraft. The two black boxes from the recent crashes seem to show similarities in both crashes, namely that the autopilot put the nose of the aircraft into a dive for some reason right after takeoff. This is very bad and doesn't bode well for airlines flying the Max, which I would expect to be grounded for some time while they work on this problem. Expect some lawsuits from airlines who were told this aircraft was safe.

MORE TREY KENNEDY ON WHITE PEOPLE It's frightening how accurate this is.


THIS IS WHY DOGS RULE A guy was gone for several months. His German Shepherd is happy to see him.

ETHAN CRANSTON FROM GOLDEN VIEW CLASSICAL ACADEMY MADE A DOCUMENTARY And he won a prize for it from C-Span! Click the link here to see it.

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