A Mass Shooting in New Zealand Shows How Cultural Rot Knows No Bounds

DEAR KIDS, SOCIALISM DESTROYS AND OPPRESSES EVERY TIME IT'S TRIED And Professor Rob Natelson is on today at 2pm to share some cold, hard truths about Socialism, which seems to be having a moment these days.

MUSLIMS VICIOUSLY MURDERED IN NEW ZEALAND And the shooter was inspired by video games and the sewer of the internet, 8chan, which is where losers gather to spew racist, white supremacist and other kind of offensive -ist they can think of. So far, the best analysis of what this guy said in his manifesto is here, and as the author writes about these sorts of people on a regular basis I'm inclined to give his opinion credence. And I'm sure as hell not going to read a mass murderers manifesto as if it matters. If the "s" word offends you, it's in the article but is entirely necessary in this context.

CULTURAL ROT IS WORLDWIDE And fully on display with the mass murder of 49 innocent worshippers in two mosques in New Zealand. This unfortunately is a crime that would be associated with the US, but this time it happened in a country with almost zero gun crime annually and pretty strict gun laws. So what happened? A hate filled scumbag trying to foment civil war in the US (read the article linked in the column above to understand that statement) decided to show the world that nowhere is safe from hate filled scumbags intent on doing harm. Mission accomplished, scumbag. The shooter was from Wales, but had been travelling the world as of late. Why do I point that out? Because it's not just here. The notion that the appropriate response to fear or anger or disappointment is mass murder is worldwide. So what happens now?

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER FIRED IT'S FOUNDER And one must wonder why, because the notoriously rich and secretive organization isn't saying why. So I must speculate that they discovered Morris Dees was a scumbag who created a hostile work environment somehow. Why do I think this? From theMontgomery Advertiser article:

Dees' termination is one of several steps taken by the organization this week, Cohen said. 
"Today we announced a number of immediate, concrete next steps we’re taking, including bringing in an outside organization to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our internal climate and workplace practices, to ensure that our talented staff is working in the environment that they deserve — one in which all voices are heard and all staff members are respected," Cohen said.

Kind of sounds like he was a scumbag, don't you think? I sure hope they declare Morris Dees a "hate group" now.

THE MORE AOC TALKS, THE LESS PEOPLE LIKE HER But I don't expect that to matter much to her, as facts generally don't. The facts of this Gallup survey say that as people get to know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the less they like her.

THE COUNTRIES FIRST NON-BINARY PERSON IS NOW SPEAKING OUT AGAINST HIS HISTORY And this story is one that should be heard by many, many people.

AT LEAST THE SOCIALISTS ARE FINALLY BEING HONEST This guy is AOC's former campaign aide. I'm guessing she shares his views on "democracy" which apparently means whatever you want it to mean.

ROSS KAMINSKY TALKED TO JARED POLIS And since we can't get the Governor on this show, I thought I'd share this link where Ross asked good and tough questions which insure that other people like me will never talk to the Governor. But it's a good interview, listen here.

YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE RELEASE TRANSCRIPTS OF INTERVIEWS WITH DISGRACED DOJ MEMBERS If you haven't seen the testimony where former FBI lawyer admitted that the FBI was told by the DOJ that they would never charge Hillary Clinton, you need to use the Google. This article explains a plausible answer as to why the FBI would end up working to help Clinton, which was that they assumed she was going to be POTUS and they were afraid she was going to exact revenge. Roll that around for a bit.

SHOULD CYCLISTS WEAR MOTORCYCLE HELMET-LIKE PROTECTION? One doctor in the UK is making the case rather convincingly. If you want to protect your face, you might want to read this.

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN ON THE DEMOCRATIC CRACK UP TURNED BLOW UP And if you want to have a better understanding, read this, and make sure to click through the links and watch and read more. It's good stuff.

WOMEN STILL LET THE MENFOLK HANDLE THE MONEY And this is not surprising. In my house, Chuck handles all the tediousness of paying bills and whatnot. Here is a story on the study.

THIS LADY LEANED ON GOD TO LOSE WEIGHT And I love these inspirational stories!!


ISN'T THERE A BOB MARLEY SONG BY THAT NAME? Have you heard about this move to get Jewish voters to leave the Democratic Party and join Republicans over the Democratic party's seemingly growing anti-Semitism problem? It's called Jexodus and Trump is issuing invites. My bad, it was this song I was thinking of.

NO, JAMES BOND SHOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER BE PLAYED BY A WOMAN And we need to nip this whole stupidity in the bud NOW. Former Bond girl (and definitely my favorite of the modern era) Eva Green agrees. If a woman played James Bond as James Bond is written as a damaged egotistical man she would be so unlikeable we'd be rooting for her death! Sexist? Maybe, but as a series long Bond fan, I feel qualified to make such a statement.

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