Holy Bomb Cyclone, Batman! It's the Day After and We're Digging Out

HOW DID YOU FARE FROM THIS STORM? I've got two matching four foot snow drifts at each end of my driveway this morning, a friend in Elbert county has TEN foot snow drifts around her house and no power and my neighbor has a tree laying on their house. How did you do? We'll talk about it, plus John the listener suggested I ask if this is the worst storm you can remember? Hey Natives, let's here about the good old days!

WE'VE ALSO GOT A FUN DIVERSION WITH PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT With Charles Harrington Elster joining me at 2 to take your word nerd questions. Find out more about Charles and buy his book by clicking here.

AND THE REST OF THE WORLD JUST KEEPS ON MOVING So here are some other things I found for you while you shovelled.

ELIZABETH WARREN REALLY DOESN'T UNDERSTAND HER IMAGE PROBLEM Because if she really understood how much people identify her with her big fat lie about being of Native American heritage, surely she wouldn't have said this when asked about parents lying to get their kids into college:

Perhaps she should consider that these rich parents were just going by family lore that said their children were star athletes when they had never played the sport?

COLORADO DEMOCRATS PLAY GAMES THAT PUT STAFFERS IN DANGER The Colorado Senate was busy yesterday having committee meetings on bills no one wants but them, instead of doing the prudent thing and taking the day off. Why did they do it?

Of course now Senator Leroy Garcia is backtracking and trying to say that they had to meet to pass the extremely controversial oil and gas bill PLUS hear testimony on the equally controversial Family Leave Bill. This is untenable. The people of Colorado had a choice; to put themselves in danger to testify or not have their voices heard. The House, by the way, was closed yesterday. l

DEMOCRATIC DARLING AND SENATORIAL LOSER BETO O'ROURKE JOINS THE CLOWN CAR OF CANDIDATES And he's running on the Gloom and Doom platform that the Earth is going to end in 12 years if we don't fix climate change by destroying our economy. Read all about it here.

THE US NOW HAS MORE MILLIONAIRES THAN SWEDEN HAS PEOPLE As more people enter the realm of the "wealthy". Check out this article for all the cool graphs and stuff, but in case you are wondering, the poverty rate has FALLEN at the SAME TIME more people got wealthy.

MAD DEMOCRATS ARE SEARCHING FOR A PRIMARY CHALLENGER FOR REP. ILHAN OMAR And I think this is going to be REALLY fun to watch as we know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also searching for primary challengers to Democrats she thinks aren't progressive enough. Dems angry with Omar's continued anti-Semitic comments are actively seeking a challenger in her district. Sit back and enjoy the fight, y'all. l

LT. DAN CRENSHAW IS A RISING STAR FOR REPUBLICANS And this thoughtful commentary on illegal immigration is why.


THIS IS THE BEST TAKE ON THE URBAN-RURAL DIVIDE I'VE READ IN SOME TIME And the answer to solving our urban-rural divide is as simple as local control. Read it here.

WOMEN IN ITALY TREAT RAPE VICTIM LIKE GARBAGE An appeals court in Italy overturned the convictions of two men who raped a woman in Italy. The all female panel overturned the conviction based at least in part because they decided the woman was too ugly to have been raped. I can not make this up. Read this disgraceful story here.

NEW YORKERS ARE TOO DUMB TO USE THEIR OWN TOILETS Why else would the Mayor feel the need to tell everyone how to use them? I actually can't blame the guy as he fights "fatbergs" in the sewer system. It's a thing, read the story.

HAPPY PI DAY, Y'ALL! And now that one friend who can name all the numbers in Pi can have his or her day and you can just eat pie. You win on that, btw.

THE BACKLASH FROM THE ADMISSIONS SCANDAL HAS BEGUN Students are suing a bunch of elite schools for not preventing this nonsense from happening in the first place.

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