Unleash Your Inner Magic Tuesday! Okay It Doesn't Rhyme But I'm Tired

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MY MOUTH DROPPED OPEN WHEN I HEARD THIS NUMBER The number is $25 million. That's how much one racket scored by helping well connected kids cheat their way into college. This story stunned me and I'm not sure why. It seems fairly obvious that rich people get nice things because they can pay. Read the whole article and click the links to see all the supporting evidence too. Here is a better wrap up of ALL the coverage of the indictments.

THE BOEING 737 MAX IS GROUNDED IN THE EU After two of them have crashed in the last six months. Is this premature? I'm not sure, but it's going to mean big trouble for Boeing. I guess I shouldn't mention that Airbus, an EU based airline is Boeing's biggest competition. If they ground them in the US Southwest is in big trouble as they fly 34 of them as part of their fleet.

IS THIS SOME KIND OF PR BLITZ FOR NUCLEAR? I shared an article the other day written by an environmentalist advocating we move to nuclear energy to save the planet. Now ANOTHER article seems to be laying the groundwork to convince Millennials and Gen Zers who weren't steeped in nuclear paranoia that if we want to save the Earth, we must go nuclear. It's a very convincing article, read it here.

HERE IS A LIST OF THE DECLARED 2ND AMENDMENT SANCTUARY COUNTIES SO FAR And it's getting longer by the day. Check to see if you're in a sanctuary here.

SMOKING GANJA ISN'T GOING TO GET YOUR FIRED BY MOST COMPANIES IN COLORADO At least according to a recent poll of employers in our state. Just 48% of surveyed companies say they have clearly defined rules that result in someone being fired for testing positive for pot on the first test. That means more of them than not have given up.




HERE IS WHY THE FAMILY LEAVE BILL IN COLORADO IS NOT A GOOD PLAN Even if you think companies should offer paid family leave voluntarily, please educate your self about what the new proposed Family Leave bill actually does. First of all, it raises taxes without our permission by calling itself an enterprise fund. Read the rotten details here.

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER HAS MORE DARK MONEY PARKED OFFSHORE This place is a racket, it left any noble cause behind long ago and now they are just stockpiling money. For what? Maybe someone should ask them why they have half a billion sitting around in the bank.

HOW CAN YOU HAVE ANY PUDDING IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT? There will be no pudding in New York Public Schools as the Mayor has ordered Meatless Mondays to combat climate change. I could not make this up if I tried.

SAN FRAN NAN'S DISMISSAL OF IMPEACHMENT ISN'T GOING OVER WELL WITH HER PARTY And I don't blame them as some of the really believed it was a real possibility. But some are speaking out and are not happy.

THE EYES MAY BE ABLE TO SHOW US ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE This is cool. They might be able to detect Alzheimer's with an eye scan.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE DID SOMETHING FUNNY! in this sketch about PC mobs and how they are changing things for the worse.

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