It's the Monday After Spring Forward. Hooray.

IF HE CAN GET THIS PASSED HE WILL HAVE MY VOTE FOREVER Okay, that might be a little long, but if Senator Marco Rubio can get his bill that would keep the whole country ON Daylight Saving Time permanently, I will definitely vote for him when he runs for POTUS again. Because this madness must stop. If you are grump today and want to know why, you should listen to this free podcast I did about it last week when I was already grumpy about it but not as grumpy as I am today. Rubio even has Trump on his side.

IT'S TIME FOR A FULL COURT EDUCATION PRESS ABOUT SOCIALISM And Professor Rob Natelson is my guy when it comes to explaining to all these young people who have gotten a garbage education about socialism ACTUALLY is. He's written this handy column about what socialism is and how devastating to humanity it is in practice. We need to make sure all the kids who think socialism is a good idea realize that it means fewer choices, increased mediocrity and perverse incentives to do the least amount possible.

WHY ARE WE STILL DEBATING THE MERITS OF SOCIALISM ANYWAY? IT's not about socialized medicine, it's about aspirin. Read this for a really, really good explanation of the real time life of someone living under socialism.

LADIES, GET READY FOR A LITTLE BUSINESS AND BURLESQUE! The is looking for women who own small businesses but want to grow to attend our fun and informative event on March 27th. Where else do you get three dynamic speakers on Finding Funding for Your Small Business, Building Your Web Presence the Right Way, and How Your Unconscious Beliefs Could Be Limiting Your Business? And after you learn it's time for some fun with a burlesque lesson from a professional dancer? It's all about the Grind! Click here to buy your tickets!

WE SHOULD ALL BE SO GRATEFUL FOR TABOR And if you don't know that TABOR stands for Taxpayers Bill of Rights, you are forgiven because politicians NEVER call it by it's proper name. Why? Because they want to be able to raise taxes on us whenever they feel like it and Democrats are coming after TABOR HARD this year. Good news though, the Colorado Supreme Court may be our best friends when it comes to dismantling the single greatest protection we have against greedy politicians.



DEMOCRATS HEAD TO MILWAUKEE TO DEMONSTRATE HOW BLUE COLLAR THEY ARE At least for the DNC. In the announcement the Dems even said this:

"If we’re going to take back the White House, restore the guard rails of our democracy, and make government work for American families, we need to earn it," Perez wrote in a statement announcing the news.
"We need to fight alongside our brothers and sisters in labor to build a brighter future together, and empower the diversity of our party and country. This choice is a statement of our values, and I'm thrilled Milwaukee will host the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The Democratic Party is the party of working people, and Milwaukee is a city of working people," he continued.

TRUMP SIGNED SOME BIBLES AND NOW A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WITHOUT BIBLES ARE MAD People who don't have a "family Bible" are up in arms that President Trump was asked to sign and did sign some Bibles in Alabama as he met with people who were victims of deadly tornadoes last week. Here is an article where a bunch of Yankee theologians take issue with HOW he signed the Bibles or something. I don't care enough to explain it all but you can read it.

GOOD ADVICE ON BUYING AIRLINE TICKETS And I smugly knew all of them. *sniffs in a smug way* Now you can know them too by clicking here!

PRESIDENT TRUMP'S MEANINGLESS BUDGET IS OUT And I say meaningless because the President does not write the budget so this is just a wish list of what he wants to happen, and since the Dems are writing the budget now, this is utterly meaningless.


Did you watch this? Is anyone else super annoyed by the journalist out of work for FIVE YEARS and seems to have no sense that his journalism career is done and he needs to move on? Why is this so hard?

THE STUPID IS STRONG WITH GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY STUDENTS my favorite part is when a student says with complete authority that because SOME students might be upset, it doesn't matter what ANYONE ELSE THINKS.


COULD WE DO AWAY WITH PRESS 2 FOR SPANISH? I think we should, actually. I'm all for governments offering English language classes for free to immigrants too though. It seems Trump can do away with a garbage rule by Bill Clinton and save billions. Just help people learn English.

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