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TAKING CARE OF AGING PARENTS JUST GOT EASIER And I SO wish this website had been a thing when my Dad was ill. If you are taking care of, even from afar, elderly parents, it can be nerve wracking and frustrating, but my guest today has just created the most amazing site to help you manage EVERYTHING. Visit and check it out! Creator Jill Lindgren is on at 2 to talk about it.

COULD WE BE SEEING THE END OF RECYCLING AS WE KNOW IT? This piece in the Atlantic lays out the truth about recycling. China stopped taking our garbage and now most of that carefully sorted and washed garbage is going to straight to the landfill. What's next? Barring any significant developments in recycling technology, it seems recycling has reached it's useful end. So what will you do now?

WANT TO SAVE THE PLANET? GO NUCLEAR. This column, written by a pragmatic environmental advocate, completely undoes the notion that renewable energy will work for the US. What does he recommend? Nuclear. Just read it.

CALDARA SCORCHES NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE AS only Jon can. Read his column making the case for letting the voters decide about the National Popular Vote in this column.

THANK YOU FOR THE BIPARTISAN SUPPORT FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS As Rep. Cathy Kipp's nasty bill that would have stripped funding for charter schools to return it to the General Fund in a blatantly anti-charter bill. It died with bipartisan opposition in committee yesterday.

GOVERNOR JARED POLIS INAUGURATION WAS PAID FOR BY PEOPLE TRYING TO CURRY FAVOR. YAWN. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the Colorado Sun is looking into who paid for the very expensive inauguration festivities for Governor Jared Polis. But none of this is the least bit surprising. Of course organizations who want something are going to donate because there are no limits on what they can give for fancy parties. This is just how the sausage is made. And none of these organizations are a big shocking to me. And voters don't care about this stuff. Unfortunately.g

GOOD FOR JACK PHILIPS, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT SCHMUCK THE COMMISSION GOES AFTER? The mad-with-power Colorado Civil Rights Commission has checked itself when it comes to baker Jack Philips. After winning at the US Supreme Court, he was attacked again by an LGBTQ lawyer who essentially laid a cake trap for him she could use to file a complaint. He sued for religious persecution and now the Commission and Philips have decided to drop everything and call it a day. Good for him, but what about the next person who dares to stand up for religious freedom?


DEMOCRATS OWN THIS SURGE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AT THE BORDER Because when Trump got elected, illegal immigration dropped significantly. Now that Dems are doing everything in their power to telegraph to the third world countries south of the border that they WILL NOT secure the border, the surge is on. Any stories you see about migrants dying, or being raped, or bringing diseases we had largely eradicated, please send a thank you note to Nancy Pelosi.

DEMOCRATS HAVE AN ANTI-SEMITISM PROBLEM And I say this because a simple anti-Semitism resolution is causing a rift in the party.

PLEASE DON'T LET THE LOW-TAX SOCIALISTS FOOL YOU They are the Bernie Madoff of politicians. Read this article and simply share the word that if it seems to good to be true, it's too good to be true. Let's talk about the tax rates of European Socialism Lite:

Consider how taxation works in the nordic countries that many American socialists describe as their models. Yes, taxes are high on the rich. But as the Tax Foundation noted during Sanders' last presidential campaign, they are also high on the middle class. The 70 percent top marginal tax rate floated by Ocasio-Cortez would apply to income earned over $10 million, affecting only about 16,000 Americans each year. In countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, marginal tax rates of near 60 percent hit earners deep into the middle class. Denmark's 60 percent marginal rate applies to income over1.2 times the national average, which in the U.S. would hit earners making just $60,000 a year—not exactly millionaires and billionaires. These countries also typically rely on value-added taxes that are inherently regressive, placing a bigger burden on the poor and middle class than on the rich.

No wonder Dems aren't talking about how they will pay for this.

IS ROBERT MUELLER'S "BULLDOG" A SHADY LAWYER? THIS ARTICLE SAYS YES Based on Andrew Weissman's behavior during his tenure as an attorney prosecuting Enron. This is long, but worth the read as it calls into question actions not only by Weissman, but of the FBI agents on the case. Not sure it will mean anything, but it's good to know.

ALL HIPSTERS LOOK THE SAME This story made me laugh. A bunch of MIT eggheads used math to prove that counterculturalists all end up looking the same as they rebel against something. An article posted about the study included a picture of a hipster dude. The magazine got an angry email right away from the guy in the picture who said they slandered him by calling him a hipster. Except it wasn't him, he just thought it was him because they all look the same.


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