Congressman Ken Buck AND Stephen Presser? It Must Be Thursday!


CU VISITING SCHOLAR IN CONSERVATIVE THOUGHT STEPHEN PRESSER IS ON AT 3PM We're diving into religious freedom and other super nerdy Constitutional stuff.

HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR TICKETS TO BUSINESS AND BURLESQUE YET? I know, I know those things don't normally go together, but at the LadiesChitChatClub.Com we do business events with a healthy dose of ridiculous fun. If you are a female entrepreneur or small business owner and want to hear speakers covering things like Finding Startup Funding, Creating an Internet Presence Built to Grow and the Psychology of Entrepreneurship and how it could hold you back, this event is for you! And it even includes a burlesque lesson at the end because it's ALL ABOUT THE GRIND! Click here to buy your tickets to this March 27th evening event!( Guys you are welcome too, but I expect to see full participation with the burlesque lesson!)

DEMOCRATS ARE SIMPLY LILY LIVERED CHICKENS Because they are refusing to allow Fox News to host a debate for the Democratic primary. Are they afraid that they can't funnel the questions to the candidates via Donna Brazile? Are they afraid they will be asked questions about how they will pay for their grandiose schemes? I have words about this today, and this column is 100% right.

AND DONALD TRUMP STRIKES BACK WITH AN INTERESTING THREAT He says that he's not going to do any Presidential debates on "fake news" channels after the Dems say they will boycott Fox News. Heh. This is the sort of passive aggressive stuff I find entertaining about Trump.

I'VE DECIDED TO DELIVER MY ANNUAL SCATHING INDICTMENT OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME VIA PODCAST Because I get too irritable doing it during the show. Click here to listen to my half hour of time change savagery.

DON'T SOUND THE DEATH KNELL FOR CASH JUST YET Philadelphia is the first US city to ban cashless retail establishments. They say the move is to protect low income consumers who may not be able to qualify for credit or debit cards because of past credit issues. I say good for Philly. We should always be able to spend our cash.

GOOD NEWS, PAUL KRUGMAN IS STILL AN IDIOT And he's being LIT UP for this tweet.


Got that? You can hate Jews all you want if you mark (D) on your ballot. This column has an excellent roundup of criticism and points out that Rep. Ihan Omar is NOW THE VICTIM after her long history of anti-Semitism. It's like a miracle or something. t

THIS 2ND AMENDMENT SANCTUARY CITY THING IS TAKING OFF And I really, really love that right leaning people are starting to take lessons from left leaning people on how to flout the law when it suits us. Now El Paso County is considering joining the movement and if they do, that's HUGE because they are huge.


I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING As a nurse sings to a very sick cancer patient.

I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS A GENIUS AND NOW THIS PROVES IT. Don't ask me to remember pretty much anything because my memory is very selective. I don't mean that "I" am selective, I mean my brain is selective in what it deems important. And now I know this is BECAUSE I'M SUPER INTELLIGENT.

CALIFORNIA'S CONFISCATORY TAX RATES ARE GOOD NEWS FOR THE ROCKIES! This is a great article about Bryce Harper and how state income taxes in California dissuaded him from signing with the Dastardly Dodgers or Giants. Heh. Philly has a low state income tax rate that will save Harper tens of millions of dollars over a similar contract in Cali. Tens of millions of dollars would get my attention too. y

YOUR BARKING DOG MAY GET YOU JAIL TIME IN NEW JERSEY You know those people you hate who leave their dog in the backyard and the dog barks ALL DAMN DAY? In New Jersey that could get you jail time soon. As part of their sentence I also think they should have to wear headphones that play an endless loop of their damn dog barking ALL DAMN DAY.

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