It's Thunderstorm Tuesday with Chris Spears!

GET YOUR WEATHER QUESTIONS READY FOR CHRIS SPEARS AT 2! He joins us for Thunderstorm Tuesday to answer questions about all things weather!

LADIES, HOW ABOUT A LITTLE BUSINESS AND BURLESQUE?? I know, I know those things don't normally go together, but at the Ladies Chit Chat Club we do business events with a healthy dose of ridiculous fun. If you are a female entrepreneur or small business owner and want to hear speakers covering things like Finding Startup Funding, Creating an Internet Presence Built to Grow and the Psychology of Entrepreneurship and how it could hold you back, this event is for you! And it even includes a burlesque lesson at the end because it's ALL ABOUT THE GRIND! Click here to buy your tickets to this March 27th evening event! (Guys you are welcome too, but I expect to see full participation with the burlesque lesson!)

WHY DOES REP. KIPP HATE CHARTER SCHOOL STUDENTS? A Fort Collins legislator is taking aim at charter school students by trying to undo legislation that insures charter schools get to benefit when a Mill Levy Override is passed. She says it's because of a fund state taxpayers are required to pay into, but let's be real, this woman hates charter schools and wants to punish them for their success by starving them. I will, however, attempt to get her on the show to discuss her reasoning. I know she really hates charter schools by this one quote in Chalkbeat:

Kipp said these financial challenges don’t mean the state should kick in more money than it does for district-run and district-authorized schools. These issues are embedded in the charter school model, she said, and it’s not the state’s job to solve them.
“Charter schools have always said they can do better for cheaper,” Kipp said. “So do better for cheaper, and don’t ask for disproportionate share.”

Sure sounds like this former school board member hates charter schools, doesn't it? Oh, and the money she's clawing back doesn't go to OTHER schools. NO, it goes back into the General Fund to be spent on other crap. Here's a great opinion piece with more info.

OIL AND GAS, THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU! After getting trounced at the ballot box environmentalists still scored a huge victory when Democrats took complete control of Colorado. That is evidenced by the new "reform" bill pertaining to Oil and Gas production in Colorado. It gives unfettered control over drilling to local communities, doesn't define what "public health and safety" means and tells landowners who want to allow drilling that them may not do so if government decides it's bad for public safety. This will pass, people will sue and this will drag on for years.

ANYONE UP FOR SOME RAGE YOGA? This is why America can't have nice things. The Indians gave us the restorative and mind calming process of yoga, and we added swearing and booze and rage and now here we are.

CDOT GOT SNOOKERED BY THE HYPERLOOP SCAM And I could give you all the details but CDOT is playing it off like "we meant to do that" even though this article does not quite paint it that way.

WE WON'T HAVE HILLARY CLINTON TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE! She says she's out for 2020. Dang. I was hoping we'd get one more bite at that crabapple.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT SOCIALISM DOES TO AN AMERICAN CITY? You need to watch this. This is what happens when government tries to do what private industry should do instead.


NO FREE PORN FOR YOU, BRITS! At least until you hand over your age and proof of id. The new law is designed to protect children from being shown porn, which is an admirable goal. I'm interested to see how this all works. You can either buy a 5 Pound card to get access to free porn or enter your info on the various sites. We'll see how many people this discourages from watching free porn. My guess is not many.

I'LL WAIT FOR THIS TO GET TO MAALIKI MOTORS BEFORE I BUY IT Bugatti is at it again, they've built the most expensive car ever. How much? A cool 19 million will get you the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which made it's debut at the Geneva International Motor Show this week. Check it out:

AN EXTREMELY COMPREHENSIVE MMR STUDY SAYS IT DOES NOT CAUSE AUTISM And with a co-hort of over half a million people, I'd say this study seems pretty dang good. It was the flawed science of discredited scientist Andrew Wakefield that really ginned up the anti-vaccine movement, and this study seems to reject his conclusions (and no other scientists have been able to replicate Wakefield's incredibly small study). Does this mean people will get their kids vaccinated? Some, maybe, but probably not.

IS THIS PEAK NARCISSISM? Have you heard about people who say they are autosexual? That means they are attracted to THEMSELVES. You can read the rest here but why? I just put this on the blog because if I know you, you have to know it too.

SOUTHERN OR HIPSTER? I love this so much.

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