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COULD THERE BE A CURE FOR CANCER ON THE HORIZON? My guest today is working on that very thing and he's got an update on where we are and where cancer research is headed. Join me to hear from Dr. Gerald Falchook at 2pm.

THE WORST KEPT SECRET IS OUT...HICK IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT And though no fault of his own I believe he has zero percent chance of making it through the nominating process,but God bless him for his moxie. Here is his folksy and typically Hick announcement. Too bad he's a white man.

WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW WHAT IS RACIST OR NOT And this is something I've known for a LONG time, and that is there are some in the Black community who have no interest in working with white people to combat racism. They just want us to sit down and shut up while they hurl accusations. It was on display fully when Rep. Rashida Tlaib tried to tell everyone she didn't call Rep. Mark Meadows a racist when SHE CLEARLY DID. Now this garbage from MSNBC:

Got that? White people don't get a vote. Period.

HERE'S A ROLLER COASTER I'LL NEVER SIT MY CLOTHED BOOTY ON It happened in the UK, which is a good thing because I don't anticipate going to an amusement park in the UK anytime soon. A bunch of nekkid people rode a roller coaster to set a record for the most nekkid people on a roller coaster. I'll pass.

I AGREE WITH RAND PAUL ON THIS He is voting NO on the President's use of an Emergency Declaration to get funds at the border. I think in the grand scheme of how I want my government to run, this is a good thing. Because the President should not get in the habit of making an Emergency Declaration to get his or her way on a policy matter. It likely won't matter much, but this is entirely consistent with Rand Paul and the way he views government.

HILLARY IS SOUTHERN AGAIN, Y'ALL! But only when addressing black people in Alabama who seem to soak up her patronization like a sponge. Watch this.

I AGREE WITH THE CO-FOUNDER OF GREENPEACE: AOC IS A TWIT! He let fly in a series of Tweets over the weekend and pointed out little inconvenient truths like

Score this battle for Patrick Moore. Too bad AOC's idiotic acolytes are trying to argue with him about it.

TRANSGENDERED PEOPLE IN SPORTS IS CREATING A KERFUFFLE On the one hand you have several successful professional and Olympic athletes coming out to say that transgender women should NOT be allowed to compete against biological women in sports. Why? Because if they are taking hormones and testosterone blockers they still have a genetic physical advantage they were born with. On the other side, we have trans activists who are going to keep screaming that anyone is a woman is that's how they feel and we should all accept the "female" track star with a slight mustache. I'm not buying what they are selling, but I think the conversation needs to be had.

SO ABOUT THOSE TARIFFS ON CHINA That pundits screamed were going to ruin our economy seem to be working. The Chinese are now working on legal changes to technology laws to protect foreign companies from being wildly ripped off and being forced to give up too much information to the Chinese government just to do business there. Why? Because Trump.

YOUR EXCESSIVE TOILET PAPER USAGE IS KILLING THE WORLD! OR MAYBE NOT. I love it when a headline inspires another writer to tackle the deep and meaningful questions in our lives, like how much toilet paper does the average American use per week? It's not the three rolls touted by Fortune Magazine. This author attacks the tp discrepancy so we don't have to.

THE HOUSE IS GOING TO DO THE WORK THEY TOLD US ROBERT MUELLER WAS GOING TO DO BUT DIDN'T It is becoming increasingly apparent the Mueller investigation is going to reap a big fat donut, so what are Democrats to do? Why launch their OWN investigation, of course! Subpoenas are flying and this should be some good campaign material for Dems. Or at least they hope.

OH MY GOSH, LUKE PERRY DIED! He never recovered from a massive stroke he suffered last week. Rest in peace, Dylan.

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