New evidence is revealed in the Kelsey Berreth murder case.

Some damning evidence has been revealed in the murder case against Patrick Frazee. He is accused of killing Kelsey Berreth, the mother of of his daughter. Berreth disappeared Thanksgiving day and investigators said in court that they found blood all around her home and they immediately suspected foul play. Officials also discussed a murder plot between Frazee and Krystal Kenney, the nurse who pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence in the case. Kenney pleaded guilty to moving Berreth's phone. Frazee is being held without bond for Berreth's death. The District Attorney says that Frazee's mother, Sheila Frazee may have seen him burn Berreth's body in a black tote bag on their property. Sheila Frazee is pleading the fifth amendment and will not testify.


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