As the Rockies enter action this evening against the Arizona Diamondbacks, they have taken step one in following two longtime baseball bromides. One is the “Law of 15” and the other is the “4-3 Plan.” The win on Monday vs. the D-Backs put the Rockies’ record at 15-12. The Law of 15 in baseball states that a team wants to win at least 15 games each month. Since a baseball season is 6 months long, follow the Law of 15 and a team wins 90 games. If 90 wins doesn’t get you into the playoffs, you are certainly in the hunt for a postseason position.

     The 4-3 Plan offers a simple formula for baseball success. If a team wins just one more game than they lose every 7 games, good things are going to happen. Take those 4 out of 7s and spread them over 162 games, and what do you get? How about 92 wins? I think all Rockies fans would take those results. It’s only the first month in the long journey that is a Major League Baseball season, but so far the Rockies are following the proper formulas.

     No one is going to replace Todd Helton in the hearts of Rockies fans, but Justin Morneau has made the transition seamless, at least as far as the on-field work is concerned. Morneau has had a hit in all but one game this season, and the questions about his power diminishing have gone away with his 6-homer start. More importantly, he is giving a great Helton impersonation when it comes to making the plays at first base. When the team’s pitching philosophy is to work down in order to produce ground balls, it is imperative that the first baseman be someone that can handle the sometimes errant throws of his teammates on the infield. Justin has yet to win a Gold Glove in his career, but he can really pick it at first base.

     In other baseball news, the Miami Marlins are not going to threaten the Braves or the Nationals in the NL East, but April has shown us the immense talent of Jose Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton. Fernandez is the best pitcher in the National League not named Kershaw or Wainwright, and if he stays healthy, the 21-year old fireballer is going to blow by everybody. Stanton still has only marginal protection in the Miami lineup, but when teams have to pitch to him, he has made them pay. A Marlins record for RBIs for the month of April...and he’s just 24. The question in Miami, however, will be how long these two stay with the Marlins.


TIP OF THE WEEK:  Some blues purists feel that Robert Cray ventures too much into the Soul area rather than classic blues, but that doesn’t bother me. I have been a huge fan for a long time, and it’s no different with his latest release by The Robert Cray Band: “In My Soul.” Be sure to check it out, and if you ever get the chance, go see Robert Cray in person. He puts on a phenomenal show.