I’ve been a baseball fan since I was five years old, and it has been a blessing to be able to cover this sport for so many years. It seems like yesterday when I went to Tucson to cover the Indians, but here I am in season #29. The feeling never gets old, and it remains a joy to come to the ballpark each and every day of the season. Ask my family, by the time the holidays are over, I’m ready to get back at it.

    The 2014 opener wasn’t one the Rockies will cherish, but in the grand scheme of the long baseball season, it will soon be forgotten, unless patterns develop from it. I know that won’t be the case because there are too many positives about this year’s club. It starts at the top where Walt Weiss is firmly in control of this club. He is more comfortable, more confident, and certain in how he wants this team to perform. It may seem like a subtle thing, but the change in his stature is palpable, and the players feel that as well. Some national media have written or spoken about a lack of leadership within this organization. Those people have not been around this team this spring; otherwise statements like that wouldn’t be made.

    This is not a perfect team—what team is, regardless of the size of their payroll—but there is more talent, more experience, and more accountability than the team has had over the past several years. Health remains a priority, and that is a reality for franchises that can’t simply buy their way past injuries or mistakes in talent evaluation. The NL West is a tough division, top to bottom, and the Rockies must keep their footing throughout the long season to remain in the hunt. It’s the beauty of baseball: six months of a daily grind to be strong enough to earn a spot in the postseason, and that’s where the fun really begins! It’s the best, isn’t it?

    As you followers of this blog know, I like to discuss more than just baseball, especially music...even for an old guy. This week, I am actually asking for some help. How do I find a copy of Pink’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the Oscars telecast? The movie, THE WIZARD OF OZ, has always been a favorite, and I thought her rendition of the movie’s signature song was well-done. Any help here is appreciated.

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